USACBI condemns injustice and racism in Ferguson, supports protests for justice for Michael Brown

uspcn-ferg-chiThe U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel condemns prosecutors, the State of Missouri, and the U.S. legal system as a whole for the blatant injustice and racism displayed in their failure to bring charges of murder against Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson for killing 18 year-old African American Michael Brown.

Once again the U.S. courts and legal system have protected an agent of the state, in this case a police officer, for a racist attack and killing. This is part of a long history and present of centuries of state-sponsored racist police and other sanctioned violence, repression and killing directed against Black people in the United States.

It is also unsurprising in the face of the official repression directed against oppressed communities and other people of color, including Palestinian, Arab and Muslim communities in the United States.

This action is consistent with U.S. State-sponsored killings of innocent civilians worldwide, from Afghanistan, to Pakistan, to Yemen to Somalia, victims of drone-strikes against terrorized populations of color.

It is also consistent with U.S. State support for Israel’s killings of more than 2,000 Palestinians this summer during Operative “Protective Edge.” U.S. military aid to Israel paid for bombs and weaponry that contributed to the deaths of more than 500 Palestinian children.

As reported in Electronic Intifada, members of the St. Louis County police who were deployed in August to put down protests against Michael Brown’s killing had been trained in Israel:

The connection between state-sponsored U.S. violence domestically and in support of Israel’s illegal, militarized, murderous Occupation could not be more clear.

We therefore call for all supporters of the boycott of Israel to join in the protests against the injustice in Ferguson and the ongoing massive crimes against Black people in the United States. We urge citizens of the world to organize against state-sponsored racist violence against subjugated peoples everywhere. We stand with protesters around the world taking to the streets in the name of Michael Brown and social justice.

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