Action Alert: Tell Alicia Keys to cancel her scheduled concert!

Alicia Keys is scheduled to perform to an audience of 11,000 in Tel Aviv on 4 July 2013. Following calls from Alice Walker, Roger Waters, Boycott from Within and many more, Alicia Keys has expressed that she is still planning to perform.

We want to deliver a petition ( to her Brooklyn based charity with 11,000 signatures, one person who recognises the injustice of her performance for each ticket-holder to her concert. On Friday, activists will deliver the petition and information on the treatment of Palestinian children to Key”s charity “Keep A Child Alive.”

Will you sign the petition & tweet Alicia Keys to cancel her trip to Israel?

Action Alert: Tell Alicia Keys to cancel her scheduled concert! via @USACBI

Be a Superwoman @aliciakeys & boycott #apartheid for all the mothers fighting for better days to come (Tweet Now)

Alicia, Keys are all that Palestinians have left from their stolen homes. Cancel Israel. #BDS (Tweet Now)

Don’t be Fallin for #Apartheid @aliciakeys. Cancel Israel. (Tweet Now)

Alicia Keys the concrete jungle of Israeli settlements destroys Palestinian dreams. Boycott #Israel (Tweet Now)

Hey @aliciakeys, Palestinian children also deserve a future. Boycott #Israel. (Tweet Now)

Some people want it all. Palestinians just want justice, freedom and equality. Cancel Israel. #BDS @aliciakeys (Tweet Now)

Did u know @aliciakeys in past 10 years, #Israel has detained or arrested 7,000 Palestinian children? Cancel Tel Aviv (Tweet Now)

From #Africa to #Palestine, ignoring oppression is a crime! @aliciaKeys (Tweet Now)

Alicia Keys you can help put the spotlight on the plight of Palestinian children. Boycott #apartheid Israel. (Tweet Now)

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