Roger Waters joins 700+ organizations, artists and individuals to urge: Stevie Wonder, say no to Israeli apartheid!

Famed musician Roger Waters of Pink Floyd issued a video appeal to Stevie Wonder, urging him to reject the Israeli Wolf Prize and say no to Israeli apartheid:

Waters’ appeal came as over 700 organizations, artists and individuals around the world joined the US Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel’s appeal to Wonder, urging him to “Say No to this “Prize”, say No to the normalization of Israeli Apartheid, and stand with Justice, Equality and Freedom for all Palestinian people.” Both appeals recalled that Wonder declined to perform at a fundraiser for the “Friends of the IDF” in 2012 as well as his long history in standing against apartheid in South Africa.

The appeal was signed by a diverse group of supporters, including visual artist Samia Halaby, graphic artist and Black Panther veteran Emory Douglas, composer Raymond Deane, artist Freda Guttman and songwriter Dave Lippmann. A wide range of organizations endorsed the call, including the Canadian BDS Coalition, the South Africa BDS Coalition, South African Jews for a Free Palestine, and Boycott from Within, the alliance of Israeli citizens for BDS.

Read the appeal below — and add your name to join the open letter:

Stevie Wonder Please Say No to Apartheid Israel: An Open Letter

Dear Stevie Wonder:

Along with the undersigned, the Organizing Collective for the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (USACBI) writes to urge you to hold strong to your opposition to Apartheid by declining Israel’s Wolf Prize.

We’d like to begin with our acknowledgement and thanks for your past thoughtful and steadfast support for human rights and dignity throughout the world, and your actions as both a world-class musician and your status as a U.N. “Messenger of Peace.”

By your refusal to perform at a fundraiser for the Friends of the IDF in 2012, you were clear in continuing your opposition to the Apartheid regime in South Africa. At that time, you recognized the impact of something Desmond Tutu did as well—that Israel’s Apartheid regime was worse than South Africa’s.

We’re sure your being given the “Wolf Prize” may seem a great honor, but we ask you to please consider what you’ll be sanctioning if you accept this: the occupation and  suppression of the Palestinian people; their infinitely renewable incarceration without charge or trial in Israeli jails; the illegal collective punishment Palestinians suffer on a daily basis throughout Occupied Palestine; the denial of Palestinians’ right to return to their homeland – stolen and colonized in 1948; and ongoing practices of apartheid–including Israel’s refusal to vaccinate the Palestinian population under its military occupation for COVID while administering the vaccine to Jewish citizens.

All this is at the hands of the Apartheid Israeli regime, under whose policies this award is given.

We remain inspired by your actions in 1985, when in honor of your 35th birthday, you spoke and sang so righteously at the UN defending racial equality and denouncing South African apartheid.

We ask you to stand by those same commitments and demand justice and freedom for the Palestinian cause of national liberation.

Say No to this “Prize”, say No to the normalization of Israeli Apartheid, and stand with Justice, Equality and Freedom for all Palestinian people.

All Signatories:

US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel

Organizational Signatories:

  1. Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine
  2. Bay Area Women in Black
  3. Belgian Campaign for an Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
  4. Boycott from Within (Israeli citizens for BDS)
  5. Canadian BDS Coalition
  6. Canada Palestine Association
  7. Cardigan and N Pembs Amnesty International group
  8. Catholics for Justice and Peace in the Holy Land
  9. Central America Solidarity Coalition
  10. Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid Victoria
  11. Collectif Judéo Arabe et Citoyen pour la Palestine
  12. Comitato BDS Campania
  13. Community Services Unlimited Inc.
  14. Ecumenical Peace Institute
  15. Education Equals Making Community Connections
  16. Football Against Apartheid
  17. Free Gaza Movement
  18. Gaza Action Ireland
  19. Haiti Action Committee
  20. Indiana Center for Middle East Peace
  21. Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC)
  22. Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East (Germany)
  23. Jewish Voice for Peace New Haven
  24. Jewish Voice for Peace, Atlanta Chapter
  25. Jews for Palestinian Right of Return
  26. Just Peace Advocates/Mouvement Pour Une Paix Juste
  27. Just Peace in Palestine/Israel
  28. Justice for Palestinians, Calgary
  29. Labor for Palestine
  30. Niagara Movement for Justice in Palestine-Israel (NMJPI)
  31. Oakville Palestinian Rights Association
  32. Palestine Online
  33. Palestine Solidarity Alliance
  34. Palestine Solidarity Network Edmonton
  35. Palestinian and Jewish Unity
  36. Palestinian Canadian Congress
  37. Palestinian Defense Forces
  38. Palestinian Rights Task Force of Nebraskans for Peace
  39. Pax Christi Northern California
  40. Peace Alliance Winnipeg
  41. Racine Coalition for Peace & Justice
  42. Radio Free Maine
  43. Regina Peace Council
  44. Rete Romana di Solidarietà con il Popolo Palestinese
  45. SA BDS Coalition, South Africa
  46. Sacramento Area Peace Action
  47. Sacramento Regional Coalition for Palestinian Rights
  48. Socialist Action/Ligue pour l’Action socialiste
  49. South African Jews for a Free Palestine
  50. Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network
  51. Toronto Solidarity with Palestine

Individual Signatories:

  1. Liz Aaronsohn, New Britain, CT, USA
  2. Farhat Abbas
  3. Fuad Abboud, Calgary Canada
  4. Wafaa Abdalhady
  5. Ratiba Abdessemed, United Kingdom
  6. nahla abdo, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
  7. Rula Abed, Palestine online, Gaza
  8. Stephen Aberle, Vancouver, BC Canada
  9. Jeff Abood, USA
  10. Thomas Abowd, Tufts, Boston
  11. Aya Abu Al Wafa
  12. Nedaa Abu Daff
  13. Diane Adkin, USA
  14. Naeem Afzal, England
  15. Hector Agredano, Democratic Socialists of America – Eastside SGV, Pasadena, CA
  16. Alaa Ahmad, Palestine
  17. Ahmad Ahmad, Gaza
  18. Alison Aiken, Nottinghamshire UK
  19. Sid Aksoy
  20. Lora Al Mandalawi, Slovakia
  21. Ola Alakhras, Ula yusuf, Palestine
  22. Areej Alastal, POT, Palestine
  23. Zuhair Al-Atwi, PRC, Albany, New York
  24. Haifa Alborai
  25. Donald Alexander, Retired communications veteran, Niagara
  26. Ece Algan
  27. Lama Alhasan
  28. Nida Ali, AMP, Burr Ridge
  29. Abbas Ali
  30. Anne Alidina, England
  31. Bruce Allen, Bruce R. Allen Paralegal, St. Catharines, Ontario
  32. Elizabeth Allnatt, Devon Uk
  33. Walaa Alshantaf
  34. Sahar Al-Shoubaki, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  35. Luay Alshurafa
  36. Nada AlShurafa, Dubai UAE
  37. Criage Lynnette Althage, AFSCME Civil Service, Northeastern Illinois University
  38. Lynne Amery, Coventry, UK
  39. Esraa Ana
  40. Beth Angel, Singer, fellow Detroiter
  41. Nael Areigat, California
  42. Zaina Arekat, Musician, Bahrain
  43. Adrianne Aron,
  44. Gudrun Assmann, Munich
  45. Rashid Auckbur, London, UK
  46. Rifat Audeh, Award winning documentary filmmaker
  47. Elsa Auerbach, Boston, MA
  48. Robert Austin Henry, Dept. of History, University of Sydney, Australia
  49. Yara Aziz
  50. Sylvat Aziz, Queens University, Kingston, ON
  51. Sara Aziz
  52. Saleem Azzouqa, USA
  53. Cristina Bacchilega, Honolulu, HI
  54. Teresa Bailey, Mental health, UK
  55. Jaffar Barmaki, Animator, Alkebu-lan
  56. Ian Barnard
  57. Susan Barney
  58. Alexander Barr, Wales
  59. Mervyn Barr, UK
  60. Giles Barratt, UK
  61. Tighe Barry, CodePink, Detroit, MI
  62. Leslie Barson, London UK
  63. Jan Bartholomew, Red Leicester Comunity Choir, Leicester, England
  64. Jacqui Basheer, Adelaide
  65. M. Theresa Basile, Culver City, California
  66. Jumana Bayeh
  67. Jos Beckers, Palestina solidariteit, Pelt
  68. W.T. Beckett, Newfoundland, Canada
  69. Dirk Beetner, St Louis USA
  70. Liz Beevers, activist and choir member, Scotland
  71. Joel Beinin, Donald J. McLachlan Professor of History, Emeritus, Stanford University, Portland, OR
  72. Phyllis Bekemeyer, Registered Nurse, retired, Portland, OR
  73. Renata Bellew, Dublin
  74. Dana Bergen
  75. Khaled Berrouane
  76. Neil Bertorelli, UK
  77. Yvonne Besyk, Salem, WI
  78. Nazih Beydoun, Australia
  79. Salah Bibi, Modesto, CA
  80. Doris Bittar, Professor or Fine Arts, California State Univ. San Marcos
  81. Diana Block, California Coalition for Women Prisoners
  82. Kenneth Boas, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions USA, Pittsburgh PA
  83. Candice Bodnaruk, Winnipeg
  84. Ishmaelah Bonne
  85. Jethro Bor
  86. Jeanine Boretz, Self (Teacher), Felton, California
  87. Sonja Bouteille, The Netherlands
  88. Gary Boyle, Gary Boyle
  89. Carol R. Bradford, Massachusetts, US
  90. Eric Bradman, London UK
  91. Bama Brand
  92. Claude Brasseur, Ontario, Canada
  93. Nick Bray
  94. Peggy Breckin, U.K.
  95. Ryan Brevard
  96. Cécile Breyton, France
  97. Darel Gabriel Bridges, Maine, USA
  98. Terry Bridges
  99. Barbara Briggs-Letson, CODEPINK, San Francisco
  100. Walter Brooker, AFM Local 149, Toronto, Canada
  101. virginia brown, Binghamton University (retired), New York, New York
  102. Rosemary Brown, Visual artist; member of Justice for Palestinians, Calgary, Alberta
  103. Andy Brown, Shropshire UK
  104. Matthew Brown
  105. Christopher Buczek, Provincetown, MA
  106. Reeham Budier, Palestine online, Palestine
  107. Colette Burke, Chicago Illinois.
  108. April Burke, Michigan, USA
  109. John Burr, Retiree, Thailand
  110. Des Byrne, UK
  111. Nicholas Carlone
  112. Smadar Carmon
  113. Joyce Cassel, Chicago First Church of the Brethren, Chicago IL
  114. Joe Chadburn, Goshen, IN
  115. Sam Chadha, Mumbai
  116. Zohar Chamberlain Regev, Beit Sahour, Palestine
  117. Estee Chandler, Jewish Voice for Peace, Los Angeles
  118. Caroline Chantrell, United Kingdom
  119. Jacqueline Geneviève Marie Charretier, AFPS, France
  120. Claudia Chaufan, University professor, Canada
  121. Ama Choily
  122. Sam Choukeir, Canada
  123. Allan Christensen, John Cabot University, Italy
  124. Schoeck Christine, Edinburgh
  125. NS Chua
  126. Rox Chwaluk
  127. Carolyn Cicciu, USA
  128. Craig Clark
  129. Isabel Clarke, Clinical Psychologist and member of a campaigning choir, Southampton, UK
  130. Dave Clennon, Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace, Santa Monica, CA
  131. Fons Clock, The Netherlands
  132. James Coady, Ohio University, Athens, OH
  133. Jon Cohen
  134. Merrill Cole, USA
  135. Deborah Condon, St. Francis Catholic Church, Sacramento
  136. Gerard Conroy
  137. Illinois Cook, London , UK
  138. Colin Cooper, Medicine, Edinburgh
  139. Maggie Cooper, Aberdeen ,Scotland
  140. Sidney Corbett, Composer
  141. Mark Cornelis, Belgium
  142. Shaun Cotgrove, UK
  143. Gretchen Crawford
  144. Sherry Cronin
  145. Christopher Crookes, Sweden
  146. Dee Cummins, No more Borders, Ireland
  147. Mick Dacat, musician, Liverpool UK
  148. Kandel Dalia, Germany
  149. Gwyneth Daniel, Psychotherapist, Oxford
  150. Dr. Jonathan David, Jüdische Stimme, Hamburg
  151. Jane Davidson, Edinburgh Scotland
  152. Robert Davies, Lafayette
  153. Keri Davies, Lafayette
  154. Iola Davies, Brighton and Hove Palestine Solidarity Campaign, UK
  155. Mary Ellen Davis, Montréal
  156. Ken Davis, International aid worker, Australia
  157. Rod Dawson
  158. René De Meyer, De Meyer, Belgium
  159. George De Stefano, Writer, New York
  160. Arthur De Vrij, Brecht
  161. Asif Dean
  162. Raymond Deane, Composer, Dublin, Ireland
  163. Francesca Deias
  164. Joanne Demchok
  165. Erika Derkas, Mora New Mexico
  166. Rodney Devereux
  167. James Devlin, Ireland
  168. Dan DiLeva, Seattle
  169. Alexi Dimond, Sheffield
  170. Dina Essa, Gaza
  171. Wojciech Dmochowski
  172. Anne Dodd, Oxfordshire UK
  173. Susan Dolan, Unite
  174. Emory Douglas, USA
  175. Amjad Doumani, Toledo, Ohio
  176. Jocardo Doumendiz
  177. Bob Doyle, Musician / Artist, Wales, UK
  178. Alain Drach, Collectif judeo-arabe et citoyen pour la Palestine, Strasbourg France
  179. Sara Driscoll, Alliance for Water Justice in Palestine, Boston, MA
  180. John Dudley, Tasmania
  181. Hilda Dunn
  182. Andy Dykes, Sheffield Socialist Choir, Sheffield
  183. Nasreen Ebrahim, India
  184. Chirvan Edross, Canada
  185. Margaret Edwards
  186. Aymane El Handouz
  187. Nancy Elan, Violinist, London, UK
  188. Laila ElAqad, Palestine
  189. Sama Elkass
  190. Wasef El-Kharouf
  191. Elaine Ellen, Wales
  192. Anne Elliott, Jewish Voice for Peace, San Diego
  193. Oona Ellis, England
  194. Bisan Elmasri, Palestine Online, Palestine
  195. Amir El-Masri, Canadians for Justice & Peace in the Middle East, Scarborough, ON Canada
  196. Eric Mertz, AFPS
  197. Carol Erickson, sociall worker, missouri
  198. Michelle Espino
  199. Pamela Etheridge
  200. Helen Everett, Red Leicester Choir, Leicester, UK
  201. Johnny Farhoud, Heritage, California
  202. Janice Faris, Renton, WA
  203. Naama Farjoun, Boycott From Within, Jerusalem
  204. Emilia Farmerie-Rishel
  205. Gloria Fearn, Stockton, CA
  206. Andrew Feehan, Artist, Mussy-sur-Seine, France
  207. Rayah Feldman
  208. Rosalie Ferguson, Teacher OTIP, Mississauga On Canada
  209. Noel Ferguson
  210. Judith Ferster, Chapel Hill, NC
  211. Helen Field, Southampton UK
  212. Sylvia Finzi, JFJFP, London UK
  213. Haley Firkser, MA Candidate, Holocaust Studies, Israel
  214. Daniel Fischer
  215. Daniele Flannery, Professor of Adult Learning
  216. Kate Fletcher, Belfast
  217. Bobbie Flowers
  218. Maxine Fookson, Portland, OR
  219. Richard Forer, Colorado
  220. Manzar Foroohar, Los Angeles, CA
  221. Margaret Fouda, Berkeley CA.
  222. Hassan Fouda, Berkeley, CA
  223. Philip Frank
  224. Marilyn Frankenstein, retired Professor, UMass Boston, Cambridge, MA, USA
  225. Cynthia Franklin, U of Hawai’i, and USACBI Organizing Collective, Hawaii
  226. Lieve Franssen, BACBI, Belgium
  227. J.W. Freeman, Bradford College, West Yorkshire, England [retired], England
  228. Emma French
  229. Camillo Friedrich, Hamburg
  230. Morag Friel, Ireland
  231. Gerald Frink, Sacramento Peace Action, Sacramento, CA, USA
  232. Marie-Elisabeth Frisque
  233. Ruth Fruchtman, Writer, Berlin
  234. Vera Funk, Canada
  235. Jean Gagne, Audiovisual technician, Montreal Quebec Canada
  236. Johnny Gagnon, Music composer, Ottawa , On , Canada
  237. Nancy Gallagher, UCSB
  238. Anne Garcia, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  239. Philip Gasper
  240. Carol Gates, California
  241. Emmaia Gelman, Historian/PhD candidate, NYC
  242. John Geoghegan, Ireland
  243. Mindy Gershon, Democratic Socialist of America, NYC
  244. Doris Ghannam
  245. Eileen Gibson, Londin
  246. Mark Giese
  247. Mireille Gleizes, Pianist, Bruxelles, Belgium
  248. Alison Glick, writer, Philadelphia, PA
  249. Ira Glunts, DeWitt Gaza Street Heat, Madison, NY USA
  250. Rebecca Maria Goldschmidt
  251. Zoe Goorman, Jewish Voice for Peace, Mill Valley, CA
  252. Akhil Gopal
  253. Jepke Goudsmit, Kinetic Energy Theatre Company, Sydney
  254. Bruce Gowdy, California, USA
  255. Janet Graham, Nebraska
  256. Judy Granville, UK
  257. Zara Greening, UK
  258. Mar Groffils, Belgium
  259. Jerome Grogan, Cincinnati
  260. Babette Grunow, Milwaukee
  261. Henry Guinn
  262. Cathy Gulkin, Documentary filmmaker, Toronto
  263. Amy Gunthorpe, Retired Elementary Teacher, Charlotte NC
  264. Amith Gupta, Attorney
  265. Marina Gutierrez
  266. Prof. Andrew Paul Gutierrez, Ecosystem Science, Kensington, CA
  267. Rico Gutstein, Educator, Chicago, USA
  268. Freda Guttman, artist/ Independent Jewish Voices, Montreal, Canada
  269. Michel Habib
  270. Gail Haddad, Vancouver, Canada
  271. Nadim Haddad, Retiree, Irbid
  272. Stephen Hadden, Hadden Consultants, Scotland
  273. Margrit Häfliger, nurse, Basel, Switzerland
  274. Shaun Hague, unison, Wales UK
  275. Carol Hakios, Musician, Switzerland
  276. Samia Halaby, Studio of Samia Halaby, New York
  277. Tom Hall, playwright, Dublin, Ireland
  278. Derek Hands
  279. Demeester Hannan
  280. Regan Hardy, violinist, London, England
  281. Pam Hardy, London
  282. Sara Harr
  283. Zayed Harris, South Africa
  284. Roxana Hart, Oaxaca, Mexico
  285. John Hartung, New York
  286. Robert Harvey, professor, New York
  287. Aya Hassan
  288. Abe Hayeem, RIBA, Chair, Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine
  289. Skye Heaton-Heather, UK
  290. Regan Heavey
  291. Jenny Heinz, psychotherapist, New York City
  292. Joe Helferty, Belfast
  293. Zoë Henderson, USA
  294. Glenn Hendler, Professor of English and American Studies, Fordham University, New York, NY
  295. Wendy Hennessy, Writer, Italy
  296. Ricardo Hermanny, Teacher, Brazil
  297. Joop Hoekstra
  298. Junko Hoki, BDS Japan, Japan
  299. Eileen Holttum, Edinburgh UK
  300. Mary Honderich, Switzerland
  301. elaine hooper, cork
  302. Helen Hordes, Jewish Voice for Peace, Albuquerque, NM
  303. Adam Horowitz, Decatur, GA, US
  304. Lynn Horton, Toronto
  305. Graham Howard
  306. Ivan Huber, FDU AAUP (inactive). Prof. Emeritus Biology, Los Angeles
  307. George Hudes
  308. Margot Hudson
  309. Richard Hudson, UCL, London, UK
  310. Jeff Hurford, Wales
  311. Safeyah Hussein – Ibrahim, UK.
  312. Catherine Hutton, Derry Branch – Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Derry, Ireland
  313. Ermo Ikävalko, Helsinki
  314. Barbara Iqbal, Manchester, UK
  315. Pendal Irfan, Alim e din, Indian Gujarat bharuch devla
  316. Mohamad Issa, Campaign for Justice, UK
  317. Abdeen Jabara, National Lawyers Guild, New York
  318. Sarah Jacobus, Jewish Voice for Peace, Los Angeles
  319. Mark Jagner, Unitarian Univeralists for Justice in the Middle East, Michigan, USA
  320. Kang Jamal
  321. Charles James, Retired, UK
  322. Brenda James, Vero Beach, Florida
  323. Linda Jansen
  324. Amira Jarmakani, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA
  325. Jake Javanshir, Donheights, Toronto Canada
  326. Carol Jenkins, Aberystwyth, Cymru
  327. Kathleen Jenkins, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  328. Yusuf Jibril, Professional Sports, Europe
  329. Naila Jirmanus
  330. Val Johnson, Val member of Tadhamon and Sheffield Socialist Choir, Sheffield
  331. Dr. Donna Joss, Maine Voices for Palestinian Rights, Maine, USA
  332. Jay Judge, Therapist, United Kingdom
  333. Yael Kahn, Anti apartheid Israeli supporting BDS, London, UK
  334. Sangeeta Kamat, Educator, New York
  335. Ruby Kandy
  336. Carolyn Karcher, Jewish Voice for Peace; Professor Emerita of English, American Studies, and Women’s Studies, Temple University, Washington, DC
  337. Erik Karlström, Lund, Sweden.
  338. Rudy Karnadi, Indonesia
  339. Charlotte Kates, international coordinator, Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network; organizing collective member, USACBI
  340. Carrie Kaufman
  341. Suvir Kaul
  342. Ali Kazak, Australia
  343. Gary Keenan
  344. Sharon Kelly
  345. Martin Kemp, UK-Palestine Mental Health Network; Psychoanalyst, London, UK
  346. Deborah Kennedy, Professional Jazz musician, New York City, USA
  347. Ingrid Kepler-May, Family Mediation Center, Inc., Berkeley, CA. 94708
  348. Mig Kerr, Natural Voice Network, Coventry UK
  349. Lynne Keyes, Archaeologist, United Kingdom
  350. Saieb Khalil
  351. Omar Khan, Student, Islamabad
  352. Khawla Mahmoud Khawla, PALESTINE, Gaza
  353. Shireen Khazeni, USA
  354. Khetam Khetam, Gaza
  355. Omar Khorsheed, Walnut Creek, California
  356. George Khoury, Huntington Woods, Michigan
  357. Jan Killeen, Protest in Harmony, Edinburgh Scotland UK
  358. Ed Kinane, Central NY Justice for Palestine, Syracuse, NY
  359. Terry Kinane
  360. David Kinane, Artist, Ireland
  361. Paul Kirby, Ireland
  362. Laurence Kirby
  363. Elena Holly Klaver, Niwot, Colorado
  364. Octavia Kuijken, VOC Hasselt, Hasselt
  365. Marwa Lahouimel, Tunisia
  366. Rachida Lamrabet, writer, Belgium
  367. R. Franklin Landis, Murphy, North Carolina, USA
  368. Steve Lasenby, Oxford UK, Oxford UK
  369. Richard Lavallee, Canada
  370. Sandra Law, UK
  371. Zoe Lawlor, Ireland
  372. Andrew Lawrence
  373. Ronnie Leah, Calgary, Alberta
  374. Clyde Leland, Jewish Voice for Peaace, Berkeley, California
  375. Gerd Lende
  376. Annette Lengyel, Human rights activist, Calgary, Canada
  377. Michelle Lerner, NJ
  378. Michael Letwin, Former President; Association of Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW 2325; Labor for Palestine
  379. Michael Levin, Musician, Chicago
  380. Wendy Lewis, Wales
  381. Tom Leys, Vancouver, BC Canada
  382. Grace Lile, Jewish Voice for Peace, NYC
  383. Richard Lipperman
  384. Dave Lippman, Songwriter
  385. Patrick Lombardy, USA
  386. Anthony Lombardy
  387. Martine Loscos, France
  388. Zac Lovett
  389. Osama Lubbad, Palestine
  390. Mark Ludwig, Psychotherapist, Piedmont, CA
  391. Ruth Luschnat, Jüdische Stimme für gerechten Frieden, Berlin
  392. Mamoun Lutfi, Property management, Ohio
  393. Finbar MacGabhan, Ireland
  394. Maryam Mahmoodian, MD, Family Medicine, Virginia, USA
  395. Khawla Mahmoud, Gaza, Palestine
  396. Bara’a Mahmoud, Palestine
  397. Dan Maitland, Guelph, ON, Canada
  398. Azizah Mamoon, Educator, Indonesia
  399. Jill Manske
  400. Jerry Markatos, Pittsboro NC USA
  401. Claude Marks, Freedom Archives, San Francisco
  402. Jan Marr, Sheffield, UK
  403. Carol Martin, Leicester, England
  404. Robert Martin, Dublin Ireland
  405. Florene Martin
  406. Kamal Mattar
  407. Chris Maukonen, Ohio
  408. Justine McCabe, Clinical psychologist, CT, USA
  409. Jahn McCallister
  410. David Mccormack, Ireland
  411. Kathy McCubbing, UK
  412. Jim McFadden, NorCal Sabeel, Sonoma, CA
  413. Linda McKim-Bell, Portland, Oregon USA
  414. Diane McKinlay, Sheffield UK
  415. John McLees, Jewish Voice for Peace,
  416. Janet McLeod, Canada
  417. Annie McStravick, Paris, France
  418. Joe Meadors
  419. Ros Meadow, Adur for Refugees, UK
  420. Ineke Medcalf, Canada
  421. Martin Meenan, Human being ,Irish, Ireland
  422. Miriam Meir, BDS, Independent Jewish Voices, anti-racism and Indigenous Reconciliation, Canada, Calgary,Alberta, Canada
  423. Don Menowe
  424. John Metson, UK
  425. James Metz, Virginia Coalition for Human Rights
  426. Lindsay Michael, Chicago
  427. Ali Mili, blue bell, pa
  428. Renee Milkie, United States
  429. Denise Miller
  430. Kerby Miller, retired teacher, Columbia, MO
  431. Eric Mills, editor, Toronto, Canada
  432. Willem Minjon, Ireland
  433. Mirna Miranda
  434. Anne Mitchell, Hove, UK
  435. Ali Mohamed, Palestine Online Action ????, Cairo , Egypt
  436. Mumtara Mohammad
  437. Aya Mohammed
  438. Connie Molbeck
  439. Kevin Moloney, Toronto
  440. Thurston Moore, NY, NY
  441. Seth Morrison, retired, Las Vegas
  442. Peter Morrow, UK
  443. Barry Mulligan
  444. Hilda Munoz
  445. Anees Munshi, Ontario, Canada
  446. Mahar Musleh, University of Antwerp, Belgium
  447. Ziba Nadimi
  448. Anissa Nain
  449. Sadu Nanjundiah
  450. Hadeel Nassar, Palestine
  451. Nohad Nassif, Book: Arab Humanist, Austin, Texas
  452. Robert Navan, Ireland
  453. David Nelson
  454. Diana Neslen, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, United Kingdom
  455. Jan Nespor
  456. Marcy Newman, Los Angeles
  457. Tony Niceforo, Thorold Ontario
  458. Cindy Niceforo, Thorold Ontario
  459. Judith Niederman, Indiana
  460. Kathy Nitsan, USA
  461. Suzanne Nobel, Montreal
  462. Henry Norr, Alameda County, CA, USA
  463. David Norton, Ireland
  464. Linda Nothing, Canada
  465. Brian Ó Éigeartaigh, Dublin
  466. Vicki Obedkoff, St Thomas Wesley United Church, Saskatoon
  467. Denis O’Brien
  468. Haneen Odeh, Librarian
  469. Nizare Ogbani, London
  470. Glyn Oliver, PSC, Southampton, UK
  471. Jean Oliver, Scotland
  472. Corey E. Olsen, CEO Pipe Organs/Golden Ponds Farm, Delafield, Wisconsin and Franklin, Arkansas
  473. Martin O’Quigley, Dublin
  474. Elizabeth Ordonez, Prof emerita UT
  475. Héctor Ortiz, México
  476. Bader Osama
  477. Ted Over, Redmond, Washington
  478. Sue Owen, UK
  479. Pam Page
  480. Timothea Papas, Evanston Illlinois
  481. Jeremy Parker
  482. Lilian Patey, Clergy in the United Church of Canada, Windsor , Ontario ,Canada
  483. Jeffrey Pekrul, USA
  484. Miranda Pennell, London
  485. Sue Pentel, Jewish Voice for Justice for Palestine- Ireland, Belfast
  486. Renee Pera, Florida
  487. Sage Persing
  488. Marina Petrolati, Italy
  489. Jerry Peyton, Edinburgh Action For Palestine, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  490. Lamont Phemister, Marion, IL
  491. Brian Pickett, Teacher
  492. Paul Pierce, California USA
  493. Elizabeth Piper, Scotland
  494. Karen Pittelman, Brooklyn, NY
  495. Karen Platt, member, Jewish Voice for Peace, Albany CA USA
  496. Karen Pomer, Co-Founder, Jews for Palestinian Right of Return, California
  497. John Porter, Glasgow, UK
  498. Penny Porter, BHPSC, Brighton, England
  499. Sylvia Posadas, Writer, Australia
  500. Virginia Preuss, Plymouth
  501. Brooke Prim
  502. Elena Probst, Lisboa
  503. James Prothero, Canada
  504. Maureen Purcell
  505. Virginia Qarib, Louisiana
  506. Nat Queen, University and College Union, UK, Birmingham, UK
  507. Dina Raed, Gaza
  508. Mohammad Rafaqat, Uk
  509. Raumene Rahatzad
  510. Robert Raines, Virginia
  511. Anosha Raja, UOL, Pakistan
  512. Aneil Rallin, Soka University of America
  513. Omar Ramahi
  514. Rana Shaikh Aleid Rana, Palestine online, Palestine
  515. Kevin Ranney, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
  516. Darshan Rauniyar
  517. Don Ray, Calgary, Canada
  518. Michael Razzell, England
  519. Joel Reinstein, Rhode Island
  520. Fanny-Michaela Reisin, Jewish Voice for a Just Peace – EJJP, Germany
  521. Mena Remedios, Singer in a choir, Oxford
  522. Dave Rendle, Wales
  523. Keith Reynolds, Canada
  524. Nick Riemer, Sydney
  525. Kenneth Ring
  526. Elizabeth Peters Robinson, community broadcaster
  527. Carol Rodocanachi, Switzerland
  528. Barbara &George Rofkar, Retired from teaching peace work and mediation, Bellingham, WA
  529. Anna Rogers, Jewish Voice for Peace, California
  530. Ned Rosch
  531. Carl Rosenberg, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  532. Ruth Ross, Edinburgh, Scotland
  533. Hilary Rosser, Midwife, Sheffield, UK
  534. Anne Rossiter, writer, London UK
  535. Joan Rowley, Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, Innerleithen
  536. Jane Rubens, United Kingdom (Scotland)
  537. Joel Rubin, musician, ethnomusicologist, Switzerland
  538. Shay Ryan
  539. Carolynn Ryan, UK
  540. Inès Saïd, Enseignant, Tunisie
  541. Youssef Salim, Theacher, Morrocco
  542. Claudia Sall, France
  543. Steven Sallie, truth & justice supported by Mandela and Tutu, Mesa, AZ; Cambridge, UK
  544. Samaa Samaa, Samaa
  545. Darius Samadian
  546. Salim Samai, US Army Contractor, Berlin
  547. Alys Samson Estapé, Barcelona
  548. AIleen Sander
  549. Dr Tami Sarfatti, historian, Tel Aviv Israel
  550. Andy Saunders, Edinburgh
  551. Donald Saunders, North Wales, UK
  552. Sue Saunders, Jewish Voice for Peace – Sacramento, California
  553. Rosemary Sayigh, Retired AUB lecturer, Beirut, Lebanon
  554. Günter Schenk, Collectif Judéo-Arabe et Citoyen pour la Palestine, Strasbourg, France
  555. Heike Schotten, USACBI, Boston, MA USA
  556. Malini Schueller
  557. Sarah Schulman, New York City
  558. Olivier Schulz
  559. Jane Scott, Birmingham UK
  560. Michael Scott, Ireland
  561. Sarah Scruggs
  562. Richard Seaford, Professor, Exeter
  563. Glyn Secker, National Secretary, Jewish Voice for Labour (UK); Executive Committee, Jews for Justice for Palestinians (UK), London. England
  564. Elizabeth Segal, Ossining, New York
  565. Daniel Segal, Professor of History and Anthropology, PITZER COLLEGE, Claremont, CA
  566. Rowland Selame, RAS Film Production, Chatsworth
  567. Paul Seligman, Cardiff, Wales
  568. Desmond Sequeira, Niagara Movement for Justice in Palestine-Israel (NMJPI) (endorsement shortly), St. Catharines ON Canada
  569. Peter Seybold, UfaFabrik international cultur center, Germany
  570. Samaa Shaath, Student, Gaza
  571. Enas Shaheen
  572. Shirin Shahrokni
  573. Anna Shajara
  574. Roba Shamaa, Palestine
  575. Hala Shamaly, Palestine
  576. Omar Shamma, EA4P, Aberfeldy, Scotland
  577. Anton Shammas, University of Michigan, Michigan
  578. Michael Shanahan, Scottish PSC, London
  579. Ryan Shapiro
  580. Tali Shapiro, Israel
  581. Susan Shawl, Oakland, CA 94618
  582. Tricia Sheerer, UK
  583. Anand Sheombar, Netherlands
  584. Grace Shimizu
  585. Arwa Shomar, Gaza
  586. Clare Short, retired politician, UK
  587. Rawand Shurrab
  588. Rifat Siddiqi, Personal capacity, KarachiPakistan
  589. Juraj Simko, Self employed, Slovakia
  590. Juliette Simon
  591. Mary Singaus, St. Louis, MO
  592. Sylvia Skrepichuk
  593. Thomas Slater, PSU
  594. Bill Slaughter, Harvard Medical School; cross-cultural health
  595. Alastair Smith, Musician/singer, Oxford,UK
  596. Hilary Smith, UK
  597. Newland Smith, Librarian Emeritus, Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, Evanston Illinois
  598. Rick solari, USA
  599. Cristina Soler, Spain
  600. Carol Sparks, retired RN, Richmond, CA
  601. Stan Squires, Vancouver,Canada
  602. Guy St Hilaire, Ste Agathe, Maniotoba,Canada
  603. Howard Stafford, Stafford Farms Limited, Ocala, FL
  604. Martin Stanley, MAP, Scotland
  605. Marsha Steinberg, JVP, Los Angeles CA USA
  606. Richard Sterling, Walnut Creek, CA
  607. Evelyn Stevens
  608. Rosa Stevenson, Glasgow
  609. Christine Stevenson, Glasgow, Scotland
  610. John Stich, Student, Colorado Springs
  611. Penny Stone, Edinburgh
  612. Susan Stout, North Vancouver, Canada
  613. Veda Stram, Camano Island WA
  614. Alan Strid, Retired
  615. Sam Suleiman, US
  616. Jean Sullivan, UK
  617. Lawrence Sutherland, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  618. Takashi Suzuki
  619. Krysta Szkarlat
  620. Jerilyn Tabor
  621. Giovanna Tanzillo, Oakland, CA
  622. Lawrence Ren Tawil, California
  623. Nancy Taylor, Faith in Action, Oakland, CA
  624. Madleen Tayser, Palestian
  625. Roger Tebb, London
  626. Francis Telford, Ireland
  627. Wesam Thabet
  628. Claire Theret, Lannion, France
  629. Janet Thew
  630. James Thomas, Pastor of Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Stroudsburg, Pa. 18360
  631. Christine Thomson, Scotland
  632. Laila Tibi, United Kingdom
  633. Catherine Toch, Teacher, community worker, Yorkshire, UK
  634. Maggie Torres, writer
  635. jules Townshend, academic, Somerset, UK
  636. Vera Lucia Trommer Thaddeu, Historiadora e arqueóloga, Porto Alegre, RS/Brasil
  637. Tom Trueblood, Retired
  638. Heather Turcotte, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
  639. Collette Turner, Ireland
  640. Samir Twair, L.A., CA
  641. Osvaldo Valdes, NYC ARCHITECTURE OFFICE, New York City
  642. Boudewijn Van Belle, Gent
  643. André Van Boxstael, ACOD, Belgium
  644. Gert Van Hecken, Belgium
  645. Rika Van Kersschaever, Heverlee
  646. Chris Vanhove
  647. Martin Vernon, Poet, Ireland
  648. Hélène Volat, New York NY
  649. Simon Vrouwe, Artiest, Purmerend
  650. Ingo Wagenknecht, Stevie Wonder-loving stonemason
  651. Don Wagner, Rev. Dr., Orland Park, IL
  652. Dina Wahbe
  653. Shahed Wajeeh, Shosho, Palestine
  654. Rinaldo Walcott, Professor, Toronto
  655. Lisa Wallser, Jersey
  656. Larry Wang, USA
  657. Dror Warschawski, Paris, France
  658. Graham Warwick, UK
  659. Roger Waters
  660. Sandra Watfa
  661. Sheena Watson, None, Scotland
  662. Agnes Watson, Edinburgh Scotland
  663. Nancy Wein, Richmond VA
  664. Melissa Weiner
  665. Duncan Weir, Australia
  666. Suzanne Weiss, Independent Jewish Voices, Toronto, Canada
  667. Ian Wellens, UK
  668. Garry Whelan, No aligned, just a belief in Justice for the Palastinian nation, Limerick Republic of Ireland
  669. Jennifer Whitfield, St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada
  670. Johnny Williams, Trinity College
  671. David Williams, Fire Brigades Union (UK)
  672. Mary Wilson
  673. Howard Winant, Anti-racist scholar, Professor of Sociology, UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA
  674. Kathryn Winnell, UK
  675. Robert Wintemute, London, United Kingdom
  676. Nancy Withington, Professor (ret), political science
  677. Heleen Witte, Nurse, Netherlands
  678. Marna Wolak
  679. Michael Wongsam
  680. Janet Wood, UK
  681. Sue Woodling, Raleigh, NC
  682. Pam Wortley, UK
  683. Miranda Woudstra, Netherlands
  684. Julia Wraith, New Zealand
  685. Yahya Yahya
  686. Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, Japan
  687. Risa Yamamoto
  688. Richard Yanowitz, Hamden, CT
  689. Donya Younis
  690. Fahmi Yusup, Indonesia
  691. Temam Yvonne
  692. Muhammad Zameer, UK
  693. Federico Zanettin, University of Perugia, Italy, Italy
  694. Maria Zaslavsky
  695. Younes Zayyad, Business community, Smithfield
  696. Catherine Zink, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  697. Khalid Zubaidi
  698. Michael Zuckerman
  699. Daniel Zwickel,, Suisun and Karkin ancestral land (Vallejo, Alta California)

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