Petition: Joy Harjo, it’s not too late! Cancel your gig, don’t perform for Apartheid Israel!

Native American poet and musician Joy Harjo is scheduled to perform at Tel Aviv University on Monday, December 10. SIGN HERE TO ASK THAT SHE HONOR THE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMIC AND CULTURAL BOYCOTT OF ISRAEL.

It’s time to take a principled stance in support of Palestinian human rights being violated by the Israeli state’s colonial occupation and apartheid regime. Palestinian civil society has called for the international academic and cultural boycott of Israel. This is an institutional boycott responding to the call to join the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

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We write today to urge prominent poet, musician, author and playwright Joy Harjo to cancel her scheduled performance at Tel Aviv University on Monday, December 10. Joy Harjo’s work has been nationally and internationally acclaimed; her feminist writings and her commitment to social justice and decolonization have inspired many. We are writing to say – Joy Harjo, it is not  too late to cancel! 

Because of  your noted commitment to social justice and decolonization, we urge you to heed the Palestinian call for global academic and cultural boycott of Israel. The Palestinian Campaign for Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel has laid out clear arguments and guidelines ( for the cultural and academic boycott of Israel.

Israel today is a manifestation of settler colonialism, much akin to the settler colonialism of the United States, Canada, and other settler colonial countries, built on the disposession and genocide of indigenous peoples. Standing for decolonization today must mean also listening to the Palestinian call and heeding the global picket line for BDS of Israel.

When asked about the boycott, you said:

“I didn’t know about the boycott until it was too late. My trip was posted here for a month. A person made it their campaign to question my integrity and notify others without speaking with me. I am a Mvskoke person living on occupied lands. I am in support of human rights. My music and poetry take me into the world to speak and sing a compassion that is still beyond me. I am learning yet. Mvto cehacares.”

It is not too late. The performance has not yet happened. With your actions, you have the opportunity to have your voice against occupation, for human rights, and for compassion be heard ever more strongly and clearly – by cancelling your performance at Tel Aviv University.

We urge you to join the global picket line of Israel – and not cross it.

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UPDATE: The first 1000 signatures were sent to Joy Harjo, and will be followed up by sending additional signatures. Download PDF of first 1000 signatures.

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