H&M Protests in Sweden on August 18th and 28th

On August 18th and 28th there were protests in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden, against H&M”s continued establishment in Israel. Activists handed out flyers to customers and informed about H&M”s investment in an apartheid state – Kfar Saba is the fourth H&M store opened in Israel this year – and how it contradicts the global BDS movement aiming to defeat apartheid. H&M turns a blind eye to the blatant discrimination of Palestinians in Israel and to the ethnic cleansing and occupation being perpetrated not far from the new H&M stores. Furthermore, H&M stores in Sweden were labeled with alternative price tags. The new sticker price tags are similar in size and style to the original labels, and carry the message of the BDS against H&M campaign.

Price tag text in English:

Solidarity 0 EUR

Israel is today criticised more harshly than ever for the occupation of Palestine. At the same time, H&M chooses to open seven stores in that country and thereby fund and profit from the occupation.

We are many who demand that H&M should abort their establishment in Israel. If you also support solidarity with Palestine, you should choose to shop somewhere else. Solidarity is free.

Boycott H&M!

Don”t buy into
the occupation
Check out bdshm.org

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