Palestine Solidartity Association of Sweden (PGS) new website

Dear friends,

The Palestine Solidartity Association of Sweden (PGS) has launched a campaign site against Israeli membership in OECD. This is not meant to be a coordinated campaign but an encouragement for others to act against the Israeli membership, and to coordinate engaged organizations.

– Are you working with the OECD issue or sympathize with the objective to stop OECD from granting Israel membership in May? Let us know and we will link you from the website.

– If you have information to share (documents, pictures, pamphlets etc.), please share it with us so we can offer it on line. We will give credit to you if you request it. Our ambition is to share resources to other groups to act.

– Please help us spread this letter to all organizations and individuals that may be interested and share the address to the campaign site in your channels including social media.

Website: Further information: info[at]

Thanks for your support,?The Palestine Solidartity Association of Sweden (PGS)

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