Call for Action: Protest on April 15 against H&M

Tell H&M not to invest in Israel until Israel respects international law and human rights!

The BDS H&M campaign is launching a fourth wave of protests against the H&M establishment in Israel.

On Thursday April 15 2010, H&M will open its third store in Israel, this time in Haifa. The first and second stores were opened March 11 in Tel Aviv and March 16 in Jerusalem, and were both met by worldwide protests. The third wave of protests came on March 30, as part of the Global BDS Day of Action. On April 15, solidarity groups around the world will protest against H&M’s support for Israeli defiance of international law and human rights, and will encourage consumers to boycott H&M.

We are aware of H&M:s corporate responsibility statement, and note that H&M claims to act by the Global Compact, which, amongst other things, obliges them to make sure their own corporations are not complicit in human rights abuses. We encourage H&M to respect their own code of conduct and their recent statement of being a company that does not take a political stand. By developing business interests in Israel, H&M is making itself complicit in the illegal and immoral practices of the Israeli state.

Together with people of conscience in Palestine, Israel, and all over the world, we are now over 50 organizations from 15 countries; we call upon H&M to take a moral stand on the question of Israel’s human rights abuses and illegal practices against the Palestinian people, and refuse to do business in Israel. We demand that H&M takes urgent steps to withdraw from all activity in Israel until such time as the country respects international law and the human rights of the Palestinian people.

Protests are being arranged around the world. Please inform us about your actions and we will publish it on the campaign blog and Facebook group. You are free to download the campaign materials and can find useful inspiration in the photos and videos from previous protests against H&M or globally.

Suggested actions include:

* Alternative H&M fashion show (Spring Collection 2010 / Occupation Fashion 2010), where the models sport plastic guns and green army jackets.
* Display posters and distribute flyers to let customers outside your local H&M store know that ití­s not ok to buy into occupation. Themes that have been used include “H&M don’t buy into the occupation”, “H&M spring collection / occupation fashion”, and “H&M loves occupation / apartheid / ethnic cleansing. We can also use the recent drawings by Latuff.
* Suggest to the staff and management of your local H&M store that they should inform the H&M central office that ití­s not ok to buy into occupation.
* Publish debate articles about H&M’s support for the occupation and the worldwide protests.
* Encourage people of conscience to sign our petition, send letters to H&M, and cancel their H&M membership cards.
* Paint mural graffiti (legally) depicting H&M’s support for the occupation.

The BDS H&M campaign organizers

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