Video: BDS, Capitalism, Colonialism and the Climate Crisis – Connecting the Dots

The U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (USACBI) organized the third session of its webinar series, “BDS, Capitalism, Colonialism, and the Climate Crisis: Connecting the Dots,” on Wednesday, September 9, 2020.

Max Ajl
(researcher at Wageningen University and author of A People’s Green Deal, forthcoming from Pluto Press)

Mazin Qumsiyeh
(Palestinian scientist, author, director of the Palestine Museum of Natural History)

Kalaniopua Young
(Board member of KAHEA: The Hawaiian-Environmental Alliance and the Ho‘opae Pono Peace Project, looking at ancestral knowledge resilience and contemporary grassroots organizing around climate change).

Watch the full video here:

The entire video can also be watched and shared from the USACBI Facebook page.

For further reference and discussion on the topics being discussed here, please check out some of the following resources:

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