Video: Movement for Palestine and Struggle for Black Lives with Ghada Karmi , Kristian Davis Bailey and Mohammed Nabulsi

On Tuesday, 14 July, USACBI hosted the second webinar in its summer series, The Movement for Palestine and the Struggle for Black Lives: Anti-Apartheid, Anti-Colonial Perspectives on BDS.

The speakers for this informative and powerful meeting were Ghada Karmi (Palestinian doctor, author, activist and academic; Honorary Research Fellow and lecturer, the Institute of Arab & Islamic Studies at University of Exeter) and Kristian Davis Bailey (co-founder of Black for Palestine). Mohammed Nabulsi (organizer with the Palestinian Youth Movement) served as Discussant.

The webinar was facilitated by Terri Ginsberg of the USACBI Organizing Collective, Assistant Professor of Film at The American University of Cairo. Daniel Segal of the USACBI Organizing Collective and Jean Pitzer Professor of Anthropology and Professor of History at Pitzer College introduced the event.

Zoom hosting for this webinar was provided through Pitzer faculty member Daniel Segal.

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