“The End of Exclusivity” by Nada Elia

USACBI Organizing Collective Nada Elia has published a new op-ed at Mondoweiss, in which she discusses the Great Return March and the ending framework of “exclusivity” that has governed discussion of Palestine in the West:

“I believe the only unique aspect of the Palestine predicament is that it is a liberation struggle where criticizing the oppressor is viewed as racism.  No other oppressed people was accused of racism for rising against their oppressor, even when there was a racial and/or religious divide between the oppressor and oppressed, the colonizer and colonized.  No such accusation was even considered in South Africa, or Algeria, or India.  But when the Palestinians seek self-determination, they are deemed “anti-Semitic” by the hegemonic discourse in the West, which both funds and shields Israel.”

Read the full article at Mondoweiss.


Photo: Students for Justice in Palestine and the African Students’ Association at John Jay College in collaboration with Students for Justice in Palestine at Hunter and City Colleges and CUNY RSCC hold a Die-In/Vigil in solidarity from Ferguson to Palestine as racism, injustice and human rights violations are being committed against people of color. (Photo: John Jay SJP)

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