New Social Text Periscope on The Academic Boycott Movement

This special Periscope online issue of Social Text Journal was co-edited by Sunaina Maira, of the Steering Collective of USACBI, and Neferti X. Tadiar, of USACBI’s Advisory Board. The full issue is available here:

As Maira and Tadiar note, “This periscope brings together political analyses of the academic boycott as a global movement, from different political locations and contexts of struggle, as a way of taking stock of past gains and challenges and providing directions for the future. In this collection, edited by Sunaina Maira and Neferti Tadiar, Sunaina Maira highlights the radical significance of the boycott for struggles within the U.S.; Salma Musa traces the anti-colonial and anti-apartheid political genealogy of the academic boycott; Haidar Eid addresses the boycott”s strategy of denormalization as a means to decolonization; Kristian Davis Bailey argues for the need to develop the interconnections between racial and colonial violence; Robin D. G. Kelley argues for Black-Palestinian solidarity as a political stance; and Steven Salaita underscores the principles of decolonial activity and justice that will spell the future of the BDS movement.”


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