Palestine Right to Education tour coming to the United States in April

“‹In 2014, National Students for Justice in Palestine partnered with Birzeit University’s Right to Education (R2E) campaign to host and organize the first-ever Right to Education tour in the United States. Ten students from Birzeit University visited college campuses in the fall to speak about life and education under occupation. The tour began with a stop in St. Louis for an orientation and meetings with local community organizers.

This year”s tour will be during the first two weeks of April, and students will speak on the impact of colonialism on education in Palestine. R2E wants to expose new audiences directly to Palestinian students and the larger issues they face, and to highlight Israel”s systematic obstruction of Palestinian education. Additionally, the R2E Tour aims to:

1) create linkages between the student movement in the US and Palestine

2) build long-term, institutional relationships between our universities

3) to exchange information between Palestinians and US social movements (e.g. indigenous, migrant and black struggles)

If your SJP chapter or organization is interested in hosting the Right to Education Tour, please visit NSJP’s website and be sure to fill out the interest form before February 29th!

Group funding and donations to the R2E campaign are appreciated and will go a long way in facilitating the travels of the students. It would be useful for local chapters to also assist with the students” meals and travel between campuses.


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