USACBI’s academic defense committee produces template letters to defend faculty and students under attack

USACBI’s Academic Defense Committee, committed to the defense of scholars, students, staff members, and campus groups who face censorship and backlash for their solidarity with Palestine and engagement with BDS activism, has released two new letters to help groups and individuals support faculty and students under attack.

The template letters, for use in writing to defend faculty under assault and students under assault, are being shared by the Academic Defense Committee to assist groups writing universities in defense of scholars and student groups facing repression, censorship or silencing.

Palestine Legal and the Center for Constitutional Rights have documented approximately 300 cases of repression of Palestinian rights advocates in 2014-2015; 85% were on college campuses.

To learn more about the Academic Defense Committee, please visit our page: While we cannot provide legal advice or counsel, please do not hesitate to let us know your experiences of censorship, repression, harassment, or defamation related to academic boycott advocacy. We can provide solidarity, guidance, and referrals. You may  contact us at

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