September 21, South Africa: Protest Against Pharrell Williams/Woolworths Collaboration

Pharrell Williams has been paid to perform in SA by Woolworths (which trades with Israel in violation of the BDS boycott of Israel).

Williams lands in SA a week after performing in Tel Aviv, Israel (in violation of the boycott of Israel.

“Pharrell die veraaier veruil die Palestyne vir geld!”

DATE: Monday 21 September 2015
TIME: Starts from 3pm with main speeches at 6pm
VENUE: Grand West Casino, 1 Jakes Gerwel Drive, Goodwood, Cape Town
TRANSPORT: Free shuttle from Goodwood Train Station

Woolworths is currently facing –due to its Israeli trade– one of the largest consumer boycotts any South African retailer has experienced since the dawn of democracy.

According to various reports, Woolworths has signed-up US artist Pharrell Williams in its “Are You With Us?” marketing campaign in an attempt to counter the #BoycottWoolworths campaign.

BDS South Africa”s spokesperson Kwara Kekana has written to Williams urging him to delay his collaboration with Woolworths until it ends its Israeli trade. BDS SA offered to meet with the artist face to face. Williams has arrogantly refused to respond to the letter or to meet.


August ’14: #BoycottWoolworths campaign is launched by a broad group of of civil society organisations and groups including the MJC, ANC YL, YCL, PSC, COSATU, BDS South Africa etc.

September ’14: Successful pickets, flashmobs, till-jams hit Woolworths stores.

October ’14: High profiles celebrities, musicians and government ministers publicly back the campaign including actor Thato Moralo, comedian Nina Hastie and anti-apartheid activists.

October ’14: Woolworths takes BDS South Africa to court in an attempt to combat the boycott campaign.

November ’14: A Wits University researcher finds that Woolworths is losing R8 million a month due to the boycott.

November ’14: Woolworths shareholders begin to join the #BoycottWoolworths campaign.

December ’14 Student activists buy shares to attend the Woolworths AGM in order raise their issues directly with the company”s directors.

December ’14: In its own trade update, Woolworths admits that for the first time in years, both it”s like-for-like food sales volume was negative and it”s like-for-like clothing sales volume is negative.

May 2015: Over 10 000 young school pupils hold a protest against Pharrell Williams and his collaboration with Woolworths.

June ’15: In its June mid-year trade update, Woolworths claimed that its sales have increased, however, the company fails to make known that its sales increased less than what it had anticipated. Reuters reported that Woolworths sales grew “slower than a year ago”, reflecting, according to the Business Day “slack consumer spending .”

July ’15: A spoof Pharrell Williams video receiving 20 000 hits within its first two days and trends across South African social media platforms.

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