Anthropology Boycott Campaign: Resources for a Teach-In on Academic Boycott

Anthropologists for a Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions has produced a packet of materials, designed specifically for anthropologists supporting the campaign in the American Anthropological Association in favor of academic boycott, to hold a teach-in at your university or department. USACBI is redistributing these materials to encourage their wide usage:

Have you signed on to the boycott of Israeli academic institutions and want to encourage your colleagues to do the same?

Holding a teach”in on the boycott in your department can be an easy, tremendously effective way to encourage scholars to take a stand and support the boycott, and to advocate for the American Anthropological Association to do the same.

Anthropologists for the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions has prepared a packet with all of the resources you need to start such a discussion in your department. The packet includes names and contact information for potential guest speakers, lists of possible discussion topics and primers, tips for organizing, and advice on dealing with any push-back.

The teach-in packet can be downloaded at:

We are also here to help and can work with you in planning and running your teach”in. As always, you can contact us at

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