Palestinian Children Have Suffered Disproportionately as a Result of the Israeli Occupation

Not only because of the general importance of this topic, but also because of the horrific murder-by-fire of a Palestinian toddler yesterday, instigated by Israeli settlers, we are posting this story.  As its author, Organizing Collective member David Palumbo-Liu notes, Israel security forces rarely constrain settlers from performing such acts of violence.  And even when apprehended, they are rarely prosecuted.  That’s what makes Netanyahu’s pronouncements of condemnation especially repellant.

Here is part of the report of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child cited:

“The rise in the number of children from the OPT being subjected to attacks by settlers in the West Bank, four of them having been killed since 2008 and hundreds injured over the reporting period. The Committee notes with concern that in most of the cases Israeli military forces not only fail to intervene to prevent violence and to protect children, but also bring support to those committing violence. The Committee further notes with concern that, in most of the cases, perpetrators are not brought to justice and enjoy full impunity for their crimes.”

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