Take action: Tell Minnesota Timberwolves to boycott Maccabi Haifa!

Minnesota Break the Bonds is calling for the first ever sports boycott action of an Israeli team in the United States. See below to learn how you can help make history! 

The MN Timberwolves are scheduled to play against the Israeli team, Maccabi-Haifa, this Tuesday, October 16. This game is part of Israel’s vast public relations campaign to gloss over its crimes against humanity. One of Israel”s tactics is to send musicians, artists, and sports teams, abroad as “cultural ambassadors,” to give the impression that all is “normal” in Israel. We say apartheid should not be normalized!

On Friday, October 12, we sent a letter endorsed by over 100 human rights and community organizations to each Timberwolves player, but we have not heard a response from any of them.

Help us make our voices louder!

Sign this petition to demand: “MN Timberwolves: Don’t play with apartheid! Boycott Israel!” http://chn.ge/QmcYTI

Tweet @MNTimberwolves using #BoycottIsraelSports between now and 7 pm on Tuesday, October 16(game time). Feel free to use these tweets and/or to get creative with your own. You can just copy & paste–these are less than 140 characters, we checked. 

RT if you think @MNTimberwolves should cancel their game with Maccabi-Haifa in s’port of human rights for all! #BoycottIsraelSports

RT if u think @MNTimberwolves should refuse to play Maccabi-Haifa because apartheid is not MN Nice #BoycottIsraelSports

We want to hear from you @MNTimberwolves! Will you s’port apartheid or equality? http://bit.ly/Tk924t#boycottisraelsports

RT if you think @KevinLove should boycott apartheid because love is more than just a name http://bit.ly/Tk924t#BoycottIsraelSports

–>You can also tweet at almost all the different Timberwolves players–just click on the links below!

Post on Facebook!

Make this your status: Sign this petition if you think apartheid is not a game the MN Timberwolves should be playing:http://chn.ge/SXsgMt

Use this image for your cover or profile picture: http://mn.breakthebonds.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/LovBballHateApartheid.jpg

Thank you for taking action!

List of Timberwolves Players Twitter Accounts: 














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