Don’t Dance With Apartheid: Batsheva receives institutional Israeli support

The Zionist Federation UK will be demonstrating in support of Batsheva and Israel outside the Edinburgh Playhouse Theatre.  Israeli Minister Limor Livnat will attend one of the Israeli State-sponsored dance group”s three performances for the Edinburgh International Festival (EIF) for three nights beginning Thursday August 30th.  EIF Director Jonathan Mills has publicly warned pro-Palestine demonstrators not to protest Batsheva’s appearance in Edinburgh.
The claim by Mills that there is no connection between Batsheva”s visit and the Israeli State is thus revealed as threadbare.  As Don”t Dance with Israeli Apartheid has been insisting, the work of Batsheva, the Jerusalem Quartet and others for Brand Israel is part of a division of labour whereby Ministers like Livnat organise massacres and ethnic cleansing, the Zionist Federation openly supports the crimes, and Brand Israel assets serve as ‘a bow tie covering throat cancer’ to prettify the apartheid state.
Palestinians are asking supporters around the world to take action to isolate the apartheid state until it ends its crimes.  We appeal to you as a supporter of Palestinian human rights to support the protests at the Playhouse.  Words need to be turned into acts for three evenings of protest from 6.00pm Thursday, Friday & Saturday – 30 & 31 August and 1 September.
Volunteer now to join the protests for 1, 2, or 3 evenings: click here.  Bring your family for a peaceful and noisy protest.  Or you can text 07931 200 361 or email to let us know you”ll be attending, or to help out with publicity.  Such demonstrations:
  • show Palestinians they are not alone in their struggle
  • let Israel know their crimes are creating rising anger worldwide
  • warn the British Government that its complicity with Israel, as with Thatcher”s complicity with apartheid South Africa, compels us to act in solidarity
“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”  Martin Luther King Jr.

Q: Why are we boycotting Israel?
A: Palestinians are asking.  Boycott is a peaceful, democratic method of pressurising apartheid Israel that contributed to ending apartheid in South Africa and can do so with Israel.

Q: What do we hope to achieve?
A: To contribute to the growing world-wide movement, to help sustain Palestinian morale while Israel, the US and Britain work to isolate them from international forums, and to isolate the apartheid state of Israel as an earlier generation did with apartheid South Africa, hastening its downfall.

Q: Why include a cultural, academic and sporting dimension to boycott?
A: Palestinians are asking.  Every institution that is aligned with the Israeli state is a target.  An Israeli who drives a bus here, or an actor who performs as an individual in the Fringe, whatever their opinions, is of no interest to the boycott campaign.

Q: Why Batsheva?
A: This Company is financed and promoted by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Q: What can you do?
A: On your own – a little.  Don”t buy Israeli goods, etc.  By working with others – a lot. The BDS movement has already chalked up some successes, and will work for more, much more.
Q: Why is it important to demonstrate outside the Playhouse?
A: The crimes of the Israeli occupation, British Government complicity in those crimes, the proven effectiveness of boycott, and to act instead of just getting angry.

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