Slavoj Zizek honors BDS guidelines in visit to Palestine

Slavoj Zizek’s representatives issued the following press release, published on Mondoweiss:

World-renowned philosopher, Slavoj Zizek of Slovenia, had yesterday concluded a week-long visit to the region.

During his week’s visit, Zizek delivered a three-day seminar in Ramallah on the topic of Cinema and Politics, along with celebrated film producer and Focus Features CEO, James Schamus. At the end of the seminar, aimed to support Palestinian young artists and the Palestinian struggle for liberation, Zizek delivered a public talk in a Tel Aviv independent bookstore, Tolaat Sfarim, in honor of the forthcoming book of Israeli-American film-maker, writer & BDS advocate Udi Aloni, entitled What Does a Jew Want?: On Binationalism and Other Specters.

He did so following the guidelines of PACBI, stipulating that he will only speak at a venue that will publicly renounce the occupation, and state unequivical support for full equal rights to all Palestinians.

In so doing, Zizek did not only support the Palestinian-led non-violent struggle for equality and freedom, but also showed how the call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israeli oppression of Palestinians is not aimed at suppressing free-speech or closing-off dialogue, but rather serve as a means to engage intellectuals and the entire artistic community in an honest conversation about the true mission of thinkers, artists and activists around the globe: to unveil the ideological bigotry and mystification behind repressive regimes, and pave the way for new paradigms of thought and action.

A such, Zizek sought as well to clearly distinguish between anti-Jewish racism, and the growing international solidarity movement with Palestine which, he stated, is a progressive and emancipatory movement espousing a truly just future for all peoples of the land, Palestinians and Jews alike, based on equal rights and a full-democracy.

Zizek in conversation with Khaled Hourani and Remco de Blaaij on June 22, 2011, at the International Art Academy Palestine in Ramallah, Palestine

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