Daily Star: Campaign asks Moby not to perform in Israel

The following article appeared in Lebanon’s Daily Star on June 19, 2011:

BEIRUT: The U.S. campaign for Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel has asked American singer Moby to cancel his concert in Israel which is scheduled for July 12, urging him to denounce war and only make love.

“Come to Lebanon on July 5, but, please, in honor of Herman Melville”s recognition of the rights of and respect for the indigenous, and in honor of the 2005 call from Palestinian Civil Society … please do not go to Israel on July 12,” the open letter posted on the organization”s website said.

The letter asked Moby to come to Lebanon and witness the oppression Lebanese had endured from Israel and to “unlearn the myths Israel propagates.”

“Your collaboration with Public Enemy in the powerful song ‘Make Love, f*#* War,” suggests you understand the dangers of launching wars based on foreign occupation and control of other people”s land,” the letter said.

Moby, who has over 1 million fans on his Facebook page and has sold over 20 million albums worldwide, has not responded to the organization”s appeal.

The campaign also asks Moby to follow the footsteps of previous artists including the Pixies, the Gorillaz, Elvis Costello, Carlos Santana and U2’s Bono who chose not to perform in Israel last summer, yet some, including the Gorillaz and Costello held concerts in Lebanon.

“It is not only the Palestinians who have been victimized by Israel. We, in Lebanon, have suffered a great deal. Israeli aggressions against Lebanon began in 1948, with the occupation and annexation of 30 Lebanese villages, and have continued regularly since then,” the campaign added.

The letter is signed by Democratic Youth Union Syrian Social Nationalist Party, students, The Youth and Student Sector of the People”s Movement (Haraket el-Sha”b), Aidoun-Center for Refugees Rights, Lebanese Campaign for the Boycott of Zionism, Al-Adab Magazine, Campaign to Boycott the Supporters of Israel, Youth Against Normalization, Al-Saaha Cultural Club, People”s Movement – Youth Sector.

Moby will be performing in Lebanon as part of the Byblos International Music festival.


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