Tell Bob Dylan: Don’t Play in Occupied Palestine

USACBI is circulating the following call from activists on Facebook, calling upon Bob Dylan to respect the cultural boycott of Israel. Please participate:

Tell Bob Dylan about Occupied Palestine; he is going to play in Tel Aviv on June 20

Facebook group for the campaign:

Bob Dylan’s Birthday is May 24, 1941. We’re asking you to post him a birthday message, as well as a compassionate comment regarding the indigenous people of Occupied Palestine. You can post your words on this event page, other comments can be posted on the group page at

*Only respectful comments will be kept, on this event page, as this page is for birthday wishes and expressions of compassion for and solidarity with the Palestinian people and their call for boycott. Optional: If you know of a Palestinian born on May 24, you may post a message on their behalf, with their story as a refugee, prisoner, life under siege, etc.

Bob Dylan is going to play Tel Aviv on June 20, 2011, he willl play at the Ramat Gan Stadium, news sources confirmed. We are asking ALL artists to read and consider the PACBI’s call:

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