Scorpions, Make a Clear Statement in Support of Justice

30 September 2010

Dear Scorpions,

We are a group of activists from Israel, writing to you to express our support for the open letter written to you by PACBI.

As people who have for many years been striving to achieve justice and peace for both Palestinians and Israelis we have reached a conclusion that our efforts from within cannot result in the desired change without significant international pressure. The governments of the world have proven unwilling to exert the necessary pressure on Israel for it to abide by international law and end the ongoing occupation and oppression of the Palestinians. It is therefore up to conscientious individuals to send a clear message to Israel, its government and the Israeli public, that controlling millions of people abusing their most basic human rights is no longer acceptable.

In the open letter addressed to you, the logic of the Boycott and its objectives are spelled out clearly and we fully support the Call as expressed by PACBI.

The last minute confirmation of your scheduled concert on your website suggests that you are aware of the significance of such an act. Entertaining the Israeli public theses days is indeed equal to entertaining white South Africans in S.A in the Dark days of the Apartheid. The Israeli public, including your audience, has the power through the government it elects and the daily participation of the civil society in the occupation, to change the reality in Israel/Palestine. However, the vast majority of Israelis seem not to mind the abusive power of the state, and enjoy their privileges. The people in Israel who are actively perusing a just solution are marginalised, criminalised and seen as enemies of the state.

It is not too late to change your mind and make a clear statement in support of justice, and to lend a hand to Palestinians and Israelis who want to live in peace and attend Rock concerts together peacefully. By cancelling your scheduled concert you will be adding your voice to those who have recognised that this is not the time to entertain apartheid Israel. This is the time for clear messages, and for support of the Palestinians in their struggle against the ongoing injustice and for the welfare of the whole region.

We hope you will consider our appeal and postpone your concert until we can all enjoy it, and when it is not used to contribute to an unjustified business as usual approach towards Israel”s crimes.

Ronnie Barkan

Naama Farjoun

Prof. Rachel Giora

Iris Hefets

Shir Hever

Ofer Neiman

Dr. David Nir

Jonathan Pollak

Ayala Shani

Jonatan Stanczak

On behalf of “Boycott! Supporting the Palestinian BDS Call from within”

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