Israeli Citizen Call: Do Not Attend OECD Conferences in Apartheid Jerusalem Until Israel Abides by International Law

Dear OECD Officials,

As Israeli citizens, we are concerned by the policies of the Israeli governments, policies which violate international law, violate the basic human rights of Palestinians under occupation and serve to instigate instability, violence and suffering in the Middle East. We are also concerned by the double standards applied by some countries in the international community, especially the developed countries, towards Israel”s violations. Such double standards imbue violent and blatantly illegal Israeli policies of land theft, torture and physical abuse of civilians with an aura of legitimacy.

We believe that only when the international community makes Israel accountable for its actions, can we hope to see a change in Israeli policies.

As Israeli citizens, we wish to emphasize our strong support of the calls of numerous Palestinian and international organizations addessed to OECD countries. Please note that these calls also refer to the racist policies towards, and discrimination against, those Palestinians who live under Israeli control in Jerusalem. For background info on this please see:

“Unsafe Space: The Israeli Authorities’ Failure to Protect Human Rights amid Settlements in East Jerusalem””

“Human Rights in East Jerusalem: Facts and Figures 2010”

Rewarding Israel for severe human rights violations will neither bring peace nor justice !

In view of the above, we are asking you: Please Do Not Attend the OECD Conferences in Apartheid Jerusalem Until Israel Abides by International Law !


Rachel Giora

Ofer Neiman

Tal Shapira

On behalf of Boycott! supporting the Palestinian call for boycott divestment and sanctions (BDS) from within

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