Rabbi urges boycott of visits to Israel

A British rabbi says Jews should avoid visiting the Israeli-occupied Palestine territories, since it would contribute to further occupation of the region.

“Jews who realize the human rights deprived of the Palestinians, would not want to visit any place in occupied territories,” British rabbi Yacov Weisz told Press TV on Saturday.

“They would boycott visiting the Western Wall and Hevron and a few other places and places of worship. Because if I were to go there, I would contribute to the occupation,” he said.

Weisz, who is a member of Rabbis for Palestine, a self-described orthodox Jewish human rights organization based in London, opposes ‘Zionism’ and calls for a peaceful dismantling of the Israeli regime.

“If I were to go there [to the occupied territories in Palestine], I would contribute to the occupation,” Weisz told Press TV on Saturday.

“A general problem with this regime” is that it “doesn’t understand what peace means, [it] doesn’t understand what respect and dignity for someone else means at all,” he said.

Weisz, however, believes a time will come when al-Quds (Jerusalem) will be shared between the three faiths of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

The remarks came after the Quds Day, an occasion on which people throughout the world hold demonstration in support of the Palestinian cause and in condemnation of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land — especially al-Quds (Jerusalem).

In August 1979, the late founder of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini, declared the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan the International Quds Day.

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