BDS France calls for demonstrations of support for French activists facing repression

Colonization, apartheid, refugees

It is Israel that is breaking the law

It’s Israel that should be brought to justice!

In Bordeaux, Perpignan, Mulhouse, Paris and Pontoise, certain activists are soon to
appear in court due to their participation in the citizen and non-violent Boycott,
Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Campaign.

“We have filed a total of 80 charges concerning similar incidents, all over France”,
declared the president of the National Office of Vigilance against Anti-semitism
(BNCVA) to the press.

These charges echo exactly the deceitful statements about BDS uttered by Prime
Minister Fillon and the minister of the interior Hortefeux, as well as the instructions
recently issued to magistrates by the minister of justice Alliot-Marie.

This is an unprecedented attack on the BDS campaign hatched by pro-Israel agencies
in collusion with the Sarkozy government, whose racist measures against the Roma
people have outraged Europe.

To cap it all, these charges, based on a law of 29 July 1881, attack BDS activists for
“… discrimination, hate or violence against a person or group due to their origin or
due to belonging or not belonging to a specific ethnicity, nation, race or religion”.

We want to ask:

Who, with total impunity, is practicing violence and discrimination on a daily basis
in the Palestinian Occupied Territories?

Who, with total impunity, enacts apartheid legislation against their own Palestinian
fellow citizens?

Who, with total impunity, commits war crimes, and slaughters and persecutes the
civil population in the West Bank and Gaza?

Who, with total impunity, is violating international law by colonizing and exploiting
the resources of the Occupied Territories?

Who, with total impunity, has imposed for the past 5 years a murderous siege of the
Gaza Strip?

It is Israel that is violating international law :

occupation, colonization, apartheid, war crimes,

denying the rights of prisoners, the rights of refugees…

It’s Israel that should be charged in court !

The aim of the BDS campaign is to compel Israel to respect the rule of

Why would the French legal system condemn citizens who carry out
peaceful actions in order that the law be respected and applied?

French citizens who call for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel are
driven by the urgent necessity to end the systematic violation of the law by Israel and
the impunity unswervingly granted to it by the French government.

This is a matter of vital urgency for both the Palestinian and Israeli populations.

The BDS France Campaign calls for a wide demonstration of support to
all those, without exception, who are being prosecuted because of their
boycott actions and it demands that Israel be indicted.

The BDS France Campaign urges that support committees be established and
developed throughout the country.

The BDS France Campaign is putting its legal team at the service of those being
prosecuted and of all BDS activists.

From now on, the campaign to promote BDS and indict Israel must be further
reinforced. We must use these forthcoming trials as opportunities to demonstrate in
large numbers!

BDS France Campaign

Members of the BDS France Campaign: Abna philistine, Alliance for freedom and
dignity, Alternative libertaire, Américains contre la guerre, Américains pour la paix et
la justice- Montpellier, Association des Palestiniens en France, Association des
travailleurs maghrébins en France, Association des tunisiens en France, AURDIP,
CCIPPP, Collectif des féministes pour l’égalité, Collectif judéo arabe et citoyen pour
la paix, Collectif des musulmans de France, Comités palestiniens pour le Droit au
retour, Comités BDS France Clichy Palestine, BDS France Montpellier, BDS France
Paris nord est, Orne Palestine, BDS Mulhouse, AFPS Gennevilliers, AFPS
Montélimar/cruas, BDS France Ardí¨che- méridionale, CNT, CAPJPO-europalestine,
Coordination inter-associative pour la Palestine, Coordination pour l ‘action non
violente de l’arche, Fédération artisans du monde, Fédération des Tunisiens pour une
citoyenneté des deux rives, Fédération pour une alternative sociale et écologique,
Forum social des quartiers populaires, General Union of Palestinian Students,
Génération Palestine, La guerre tue – Toulouse, Parti des indigí¨nes de la république,
Mouvement des objecteurs de croissance, Mouvement des quartiers pour la justice
sociale, Mouvement immigrations banlieues, Mouvement pour une alternative non
violente, NPA, Participation et spiritualité musulmanes, Réseau juif international
antisioniste (IJAN), Respaix, Réveil des consciences, Stop apartheid Toulouse, Une
toile contre le mur – Annemasse, Union syndicale solidaires, Union des travailleurs
immigrés tunisiens, Union juive franí§aise pour la paix.

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