Palestinian students ask Tiesto to boycott Israel

Tiesto has been asked by Palestinian students to boycott Israel concert

The Palestinian Students Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel have asked the international DJ Tiesto to boycott a concert he will hold in Israel.

They said that many other internationally renowned musicians and singers,such as Elvis Costello, GilScott-Heron, the Klaxons and Gorillaz, the Pixies, Carlos Santana, and David Banhart, have refused to entertain audiences in Israel.

“Dear Tiesto, as you must be aware, we, in Gaza, have been denied the ability to express ourselves. We are denied a voice, denied a smile, to live in safety and security, denied the right to express love, denied sleep, denied the right to express pain, denied the right to read, to write, denied to be human, and what is left? This is life under Israeli medieval siege,” the students write in the letter to the musician.

“Dear Tiesto, you must have been, like us, shocked at the video of an Israeli occupation soldier executing a courageous, conscientious activist Furkan Dogan”s head with four bullets from a close range. Furkan was 19 and a student like us,” they said, referring to the Israeli raid on the aid flotilla that did not make it to Gaza.”The latest Israeli massacre against international peace activists on board of the Turkishaidboat to Gaza is just a miniature picture of what happens everyday in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, not to mention the third class citizenry of Israel implementing racist laws and a continuous process of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians of 1948.”

“Echoing the BDS call of our Black South African comrades against Apartheid, we ask you to boycott Apartheid Israel. Dear Tiesto, please don”t play for Israel.”

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