“Palestinian Holocaust is ongoing”

July 20, 2010

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There is rarely an issue of AnnArbor.com that does not showcase Zionist propaganda to whitewash the crimes of Israel against Palestinians. One can easily find numerous entries for “Holocaust” when searching in AnnArbor.com, including today’s front-page Holocaust article showcasing Beth Israel Congregation (now famous for refusing to hear any presentation about Palestine from someone who attended services there).

At a time when Israel has been charged with war crimes, murder of human rights activists and more, AnnArbor.com continues to preferentially treat the Zionist narrative and publish materials that evoke suffering and injustice that happened over 60 years ago, while completely suppressing any discussion of the ongoing Holocaust of Palestinians at the hands of the racist state of Israel.

How is it that the European Holocaust, which ended in 1945, is a front-page AnnArbor.com article, whereas the Ann Arbor City Council discussions over boycotting Israel has received zero news coverage throughout the life of AnnArbor.com?

How is that a local Ann Arbor human rights campaign, against the Holocaust of Palestinians, conducted in front of AnnArbor.com”s reporter and photographer, simply never appears in AnnArbor.com news coverage? Is that not local enough for you?

How is it that instead you shower the European Holocaust with urgent front-page coverage and photo, instead? What does that say about the value of Arab life, to the AnnArbor.com editors?

Biased reporting makes for an ignorant and ill-equipped population.

Discussion of the Boycott Israel proposal, which has been going on since 2002 at Ann Arbor City Council meetings, deserves prominence and local discussion. Again, the Palestinian Holocaust is ongoing. Palestinian survivors of that Holocaust live in Ann Arbor, too.

“Never again” should mean “never again against anyone — including Palestinians.”

Join the Boycott Israel movement to stop the genocide that is ongoing against the Palestinian people.

Mozhgan Savabieasfahani
Ann Arbor

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