PA wraps up store-to-store campaign

Ramallah – Ma”an – After visiting most of the shops in the West Bank, Palestinian Authority Minister of the Economy Hassan Abu Lubda said the “store-to-store” campaign promoting the boycott of settlement goods had come to an end.

A statement announced the end of the project, which saw hundreds of volunteers coordinated by government and bodies to go to shops – mostly food and mini-markets – with lists of goods produced in settlements and promoting the government-led boycott.

For shops not reached by the volunteers, Abu Lubda said, the PA set up a toll free number for merchants to call for information on what goods they were prohibited from stocking and selling. The minister said by calling 1 700 300 300, owners could learn how to properly dispose of the settlement goods and make sure they comply with the law passed banning them in April.

Abu Libda said merchants visited by the volunteers were cooperative and supported the boycott, and praised the volunteers for their commitment to the initiative.

The official said the campaign was ongoing, but had moved onto a new stage, in an effort to ensure shops were settlement-good free by 2011.

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