New Video: US Social Forum concludes with call for BDS, recognizing Zionism as racism

“We call on all organization and social movements to boycott, divest and sanction the Israeli apartheid state and the institutions the support it.”

“We affirm that Zionism is a form of racism that denies Palestinians the right to self-determination.”

– US Social Forum National People”s Movement Assembly 2010

The US Social Forum concluded on June 26, 2010 with a powerful National People”s Movement Assembly which produced an important series of resolutions, adopted by the over 18,000-strong Forum as a whole, reflecting the outcome of the People”s Movement Assemblies held at the Forum.

The final synthesis document produced by representatives of the over 50 Assemblies held at the Forum comprises a vision of unified struggle against racism, colonialism, oppression, exploitation and imperialism, including clear support for the Palestinian struggle. Such a clear statement is a significant development for the U.S. Left and an achievement for all who worked to ensure the Palestinian and Arab presence at the core of the Social Forum. As the U.S. government funds ongoing Israeli war crimes and welcomes the racist Benjamin Netanyahu to Washington, DC, in sharp contrast, the US”s popular movements affirmed the centrality of the Palestinian liberation struggle and expressed full support.

The US Palestinian Community Network is one of the member organizations of the Forum”s National Planning Committee, and organized the Palestine Program of the Social Forum. The USSF has established a website, PMA 2010, where resolutions from the many PMAs at the Forum will be posted in their entirety, as well as an exciting video highlighting the PMAs and their participants, including the Justice in Palestine, United Against Racism, and Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions PMAs, jointly organized by USPCN. The BDS PMA”s final statement is available, as is the United Against Racism PMA resolution.

View the new PMA video:

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