Jordanian workers urged not to handle Israeli goods

Mohammad Ben Hussein, Jordan Times
11 July 2010

AMMAN – The national anti-normalisation committee on Saturday called on labourers across the Kingdom to reject companies that handle Israeli goods.

In a letter addressed to the General Federation of Jordanian Trade Unions (GFJTU) released yesterday, the committee urged workers to reject any ships or airplanes carrying goods originating from Israel. The letter, signed by Hamzah Mansour, Islamic Action Front secretary general and president of the national anti-normalisation committee, encouraged Jordanian workers to emulate a number of trade unions across the world that have refused to receive Israeli ships following the attack on the Gaza-bound interna?ional aid flotilla.

“Workers should stop moving Israeli goods by land, sea and air and refuse to deal with ships that travel to Israel,” he said in a letter sent to the GFJTU.

Mansour said workers should be more active in anti-normalisation efforts, urging them to drum up support to end ties with Israel, which he said “represents a great danger to Palestine and Jordan”.

Last month, Swedish dockworkers launched a week-long boycott of cargo to and from Israel following the deadly attack on the aid flotilla.

Reports indicated around 1,500 members of the Swedish Dockworkers Union launched the boycott because of the attack on the aid convoy and the continued siege on the coastal enclave.

Mansour said Jordanians should be at the frontline to confront Israel”s “agenda in the region”.

“We are supposed to be spearheading the anti-Israel campaign. People from across the world already know Israel”s plans in the Arab and Muslim worlds, including Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine, which suffer from occupation,” he added, stressing that Jordan serves as an ideal place to “stand up to Israel and its plans to infiltrate Arab society”.

Original title: Committee urges workers to reject companies that deal with Israeli goods


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