Boycott of colony goods must continue

Palestinians who work for colonist companies should also face repercussions

* Gulf News
* Published: 00:00 July 6, 2010

The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) is trying to find new ways to tighten an economic boycott of products manufactured in West Bank colonies. And at the same time, the PNA is also imposing stiff fines and prison sentences on those who trade in colony goods.

This strategy is a solid one, a small step to undermine the illegal occupiers who use their ill-gotten plants, facilities and warehouses to propagate Israeli goods, services and economics through subjugation of a people and their rightful lands.

The struggle against Israel is a just one. It must not be fought only in the spotlight of international media attention, official condemnation, diplomatic pressure from all right-minded nations but also in self defence through resistance when necessary.

It is all too easy to overlook the economic importance of the struggle against illegal occupation.

All colony goods need to be removed from the shelves of every shop, outlet and office in Palestine.

Just as Israel has applied a stranglehold embargo on the people of Gaza, it must also suffer the misery of having its goods shunned, its services isolated and its economic output vilified as being the result of political, racist and unjust policies which treat Palestinian people as non persons.

There is a difficult choice for PNA officials to make in the coming months. If they are serious and determined about imposing a full economic boycott on Israel, the Palestinians who work for colonist companies should face repercussions. Given the high levels of unemployment, that will be a difficult choice.

The struggle against occupation requires opposition at all levels. Ideally, there should be no collusion, economic or otherwise, with these usurpers.

But most Palestinians support the boycott: 75 per cent back the policy. A full 60 per cent support the ban on colony work. So be it.

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