Belgian Trade Union Federation Adopts Boycott!

[Motion passed by FGTB Centrale Generale/ABVV Algemene Centrale on 3 June 2010]

Decent work is impossible under military occupation

On May 31st, the Israeli army attacked a convoy with 10,000 ton of humanitarian aid on its way to the Gaza-strip. Among the unarmed campaigners, at least 10 people got killed and 30 people were wounded! The FGTB reacted with horror, regrets the deceased and wounded and demands the political responsibles of our country and the EU to express a strong condemnation, both in words and in concrete measures. The blockade of Gaza has demanded too many victims among the civil population and the action in international waters by Israí«l puts the peace process completely at risk.

The rights of the Palestinian people to an independent state has been trampled for more than 60 years.

The Palestinian population and specifically the workers are victim of discrimination by the state of Israí«l. They are exploited at work, their freedom of movement is obstructed and the labour-law is violated. The state of Israí«l applies a policy of Apartheid, similar to the politics that were used in South-Africa.

Furthermore, there is the situation of the population in the Gaza-strip who still suffer form the Israí«li offensive of December 2008, which has led to the death of more than 1,450 people and the massive destruction of infrastructure. More than a year after the attack, Israí«l still prevents the reconstruction of Gaza in any way possible.

In these circumstances, it is impossible to achieve an economical, political and social development. Building up a trade-union in an economy of survival is impossible.

Considering this situation, the Congress calls the Belgian and European political leaders and leaders of the trade-unions to defend the following elements:

* The resumption of negotiations between Israí«lis and Palestinians aiming at the creation – besides the State of Israí«l- of a sustainable, continuous and independent Palestinian state within the borders of 1967, with East-Jerusalem as its capital in respect of the international right and the resolutions of the United Nations.

* The dismantling of the settlements in the West-Bank and East-Jerusalem.

* The dismantling of the Apartheid-wall.

* The withdrawal from the territories occupied since 1967.

* To stop the aggression by the Israí«li military forces and the end of the blockade of Gaza.

* The right of return for the refugees following resolution 194 of the GA of the United Nations.

The Congress requests the FGTB to urge the Israí«li union to distance itself from the Israí«li government”s policy. Otherwise this must lead to putting aside Histadrut from the ITUC, for not respecting the rules of union deontology, for as long as Histadrut does not distance itself from the Israeli policy.

It also requests to go on with the policy of building solidarity with the PGFTU.

The Congress requests the political responsibles to stop:

* all trade of arms with Israí«l. This applies to all arms manufacturers, wherever in the world.

* the import of products produced in the settlements in the occupied territories.

* promoting economic support and cooperation with Israí«l.

The FGTB has to commit itself during the Belgian presidency of the European Union from July 1st 2010 to December 31st 2010 to put pressure on the Belgian government to draft a European resolution that takes in account the above defined elements.

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