BDS Success! Leftfield has canceled Heineken Music Conference

One of the 3 at the “Heineken Music Conference” on 31 August in Tel Aviv has CANCELED!!!

Now that Leftfield canceled, only 2 are still booked to play there: Rotten/Lydon/PiL and LCD Soundsystem.

Leftfield announced this:

“Leftfield Tour Unfortunately Leftfield will not be able to perform at the Heineken Music Conference on the 31st August due to unforeseen production problems”

See at:

You can post there your thank you messages to them, as well as at: “Leftfield: Please Don’t Play for Apartheid Israel”

Also, you may post and vote at:

Rotten/Lydon/PiL was booked to play at the “Heineken Music Conference”, which listed 3: Leftfield, LCD Soundsystem and Public Image Ltd. – see at:

Or join this page, if you haven’t already, to let Lydon know how you feel about his playing for apartheid.!/group.php?gid=137938606218216&ref=ts

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