BDS Success at Corrado’s Supermarket

BDS Success:

Corrado’s, a large family-owned supermarket, in Clifton, NJ, agreed to stop selling “Jordan Valley” dried dates–Product of Israel. This happened after repeated complaints to two of the younger owner/family members. It definitely helps to be a regular customer to have some say and the possible threat of widespread boycott. It is interesting to note that I had “help” from some of the employees who were from the Middle East who shared my opinions but was too “afraid” to challenge the management. In the end, the Corrados were quite gracious about removing the Israelil products. Sadly, they told me that the wholesaler of the “Made in Israel” products was a Palestinian Arab. Sigh.

Dennis Y. Loh, MD. CNRI (Creative Nonviolent Resistance against Injustice)

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