Wave Of Cultural Terrorism Rocks Israel

Three western musical acts, The Pixies, The Klaxons, and Gorillaz, have canceled their appearances in Israel in light of Israel”s massacre and attack on the Freedom Flotilla last week. The cancellation prompted Israelis to decry the isolation as “cultural terrorism.”

Palestinians have resisted Israeli Apartheid and oppression in all possible ways. The goal has always been to achieve justice and freedom that was also the call when some Palestinian factions employed armed struggle. Israel and the west called it terrorism, but that does not take away from the fact that the goal was to resist oppression and achieve freedom by making Israel feel pain, reflect, and change.

BDS is a non-violent strategy that has teeth and can be painful, it is also designed to make Israel feel pain through isolation, reflect, and change. If it is terrorizing Israelis, then call me a cultural terrorist, because I”ll do every thing I can to make sure Israel is culturally isolated, for that we may be closer to a just and lasting solution.

The week before the attack on the aid ships, Bob Dylan, quietly canceled his appearance; he also had received many letters calling for him to cancel. Others canceling appearances in Israel in recent weeks include Gil Scott Heron and Elvis Castello. Castello”s wife, talented jazz singer, Dina Krall is still scheduled to perform there later this summer, but feel free to contact her.

Roger Waters is apparently remorseful for playing to apartheid and his naiveté that his group hug approach only served to white wash Israeli crimes, surprise surprise.

Elton John is still planning to perform in Israel, many have called on him to cancel, but I personally don”t expect the man who just performed at Rush Limbaugh”s wedding to take a stand for Justice for Palestine.

Other developments in cultural isolation, or terrorism in Hebrew, include the cancellation of a youth soccer match between Israel and Turkey, Sweden”s demand to do the same for its match, banning Israel from Spain”s Gay Pride parade, in addition to other boycott actions in Norway and Sweden.

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