Joan Armatrading and her Lack of Conscience

The Israel Palestine conflict is a convoluted situation, entrenched by years of reinforcement, but this is a problem that we know can be solved.

In apartheid South Africa, many people worked hard to put an end to a situation that looked hopelessly unendable, but it took two men to make that final and defining step that brought about the end of apartheid. Both sides, Palestine and Israel, need to take a lesson from “the great man” and take that small step to bring this war to an end. If two men can unite one country, then surely 3 men can unite another. Palestine and Israel must now say enough is enough, and it can be done, because we”ve seen it happen. We can have peace and an end to all this conflict. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Mahmoud Abbas, Mr Khaled Meshal, over to you. Take that step.

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