Ann Arbor City Council is hit with Boycott-Israel Resolution:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

At their June 7, 2010 public meeting…

Ann Arbor City Council members refused to vote on this resolution to boycott all products from Israel.

This was just 1 week after Israel shot its way onto a humanitarian aid ship, killing 9 passengers.

The proposed boycott resolution is 8 words long:

“Ann Arbor hereby boycotts all products from Israel”.

It really is the least a City Council can do for humanity… and they refused to do even that.

With so many city councils boycotting Arizona for its racist immigration laws, why on Earth can’t they find a few minutes to boycott Israel, too?

Maybe Dearborn City Council will step up and show some regard for human rights.

Ask them to approve that simple resolution to boycott Israel.


You can view two speeches for boycott of Israel 12 minutes and 23 seconds into the Ann Arbor City Council video, at:

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