We Urge MUJI to Drop the Plan to Open a Branch in Israel!!

According to the website of Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. they decided to open a MUJI store in Israel.

http://ryohin-keikaku.jp/balance/pdf/h22_kessan_databook.pdf (page 4)

It has been more than one year since Israel massacred people in Gaza but nobody was held responsible nor punished for the atrocities and Israel continues its occupation and anti-Palestinian policies.

Regardless of the intention of MUJI corporation, their decision to open a branch in Israel will inevitably gives strong political message that they support the “tradition of non-punishment” towards Israel by international community.

MUJI will be the first Japanese retail corporation to open a branch(shop with MUJI license) in Israel. We shall stop this. Let”s show our solidarity with Palestinians and boycott Israel!

Palestine Forum Japan

— MUJI Inquiry Service:


— Sample Letter

To: The President and Representative Director of Ryohin Keikaku Co.,Ltd.
Mr. Masaaki Kanai

It is deeply regrettable to hear the news that your company is going to cooperate with Israeli Kairi Group to open a MUJI store in Israel. Israel continues its brutal occupation and apartheid policy against Palestinians while ignoring hundreds of the UN resolutions. There are ongoing calls for boycotting Israel not only in Arab countries but all over the world.

Israel practices and legalizes racism and ethnic cleansing which are not acceptable in international community anymore. International pressure is much needed against Israel just as same as it was once needed against South Africa.

Japanese companies used to actively deal with South African companies while South Africa was under the UN economic sanction and it received world wide criticism. We sincerely wish you will not be dishonored by being the first Japanese company to have a branch(shop with MUJI license) in the apartheid state of Israel and strongly request you to drop this plan even from now on.

Above all, please listen to the voice of Palestinians who are struggling to gain basic rights and dignity as a human being and asking to end the history of non-punishment towards Israel by international community. We strongly urge you to reconsider the plan to open a MUJI store in Israel.

We would appreciate much if we can have your view on this matter.

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