The Israeli Inquisitions & Another BDS Victory

Israel continues its assault on Palestinian human rights and equality activists… Most recently arresting Ameer Makhoul and Omar Sayid, two leaders of the Palestinian community within Israel.

Of course, Israel being media savvy and expert on packaging propaganda for western consumption, charges the two with spying for Hezbollah, as if the sophisticated militia would go pick the two highest profile activists to do covert work. But that”s Israel, and her propaganda, the western media complicit in their unconditional acceptance of the Israeli narrative, and the majority of the news consumers don”t think critically to see through the BS… perfect material for the Glenn Back generation.

But reality is different, Israel is a democracy for Jews, but a Jewish state for Palestinians. Even Jews who dare to stand in [consequential] solidarity with Palestinian, like endorsing BDS, are basically ostracized and banished from their community. As Makhoul”s wife reminded: “Arabs live under military rule,” matters little they are Israeli citizens.

This only the latest episode of the campaign of harassment that detained Raed Salah on bogus charges, forced Azmi Bshara to flee Palestine, and resulted in the arrest of civil disobedience activist leaders like Mohammed Othman, Jamal Juma, and Abdallah Aburahme.

If anything, this is an indication at the levels of anxiety and paranoia Israeli leaders are living as a result of the grown solidarity and BDS movement and the increase in the questioning of Israel and Zionism”s legitimacy.

And who can blame them, with BDS campaigns only intensifying around the world, and success piling on like the latest resolution by the Dublin city council banning the renewal of contracts with Veolia due to its work in apartheid Israel, the fascist leaders are backed up against the wall and about to lash out… because they are losing. They must silence all voices for equality, because with equality Zionism seizes to exist.

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