TAKE ACTION: Protest Los Angeles Israel Conference

When: The Israel Conferenceâ„¢ is taking place on Thursday June 3, 2010 in Los Angeles. The 2010 conference will bring top executives from Israel-facing companies and investment firms. Israel-facing companies are those that are based in Israel, have operations in Israel, do business with Israeli companies, or invest in Israeli companies.

What: The Israel Conferenceâ„¢ is an interactive forum to bring Israel-facing companies together to increase business and investment opportunities between Israel and California with session topics on high tech, clean tech, medical solutions, and entertainment media technology.

Who: The Israel Conferenceâ„¢ features leaders of significant businesses that were founded in Israel, have R&D operations in Israel, do business in Israel, or represent investors in Israeli companies. Speakers represent the spirit of the inventiveness of the Israel market.

Why: By attending, you will meet with top minds and venture investors as well as the innovators of leading technologies from Israel that are market-making and in demand from early stage through revenue generating companies with the most innovative technology and products in the world. Attendees will gain an insider’s understanding of the growth of both public and privately-held Israel-facing companies.

How: Click here to register to attend this wonderful day.

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