Palestine dominates CRH AGM in Dublin

Check out what the IPSC has been up to in Dublin yesterday. In fact, I was one of the concerned shareholders inside the AGM – my first company AGM – and I was delighted that there were some shareholders genuinely disturbed about CRH”s involvement in Palestine and speaking up about it. Besides these Ordinary Decent Shareholders, there were a fair number of us Political Shareholders there and the issue of Palestine completely dominated the AGM – and the subsequent media coverage.

CRH, who had bought in a busload of security people and were expecting to deal with student-types letting off stinkbombs were completely wrong-footed as we asked question after question based on in-depth knowledge of CRH complicity in building apartheid, and the likely fall-out for them.

Giving the event some resonance was the protest in Bil”in last week, (at which a 63 year old Irishman had been arrested and beaten by the Israelis) since the protest was focused around CRH involvement in the Apartheid wall and settlements. We”re hoping to make CRH as big a target as Veolia for the BDS campaign, and if you, gentle reader, want to be part of the campaign, you can get information and resources at the IPSC site.

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