North Texas Boycott, Divest and Sanction of Israel Campaign

The North Texas Boycott,Divest and Sanction of Israel Campaign (North Texas BDS) is a Fort Worth,Texas based organization affiliated with the “U.S. campaign to End Israeli Occupation”, a national organization with 305 chapters throughout North America.

Our Goals:

Through a legal, non-violent campaign of persuasion and advocacy, these organizations seek to induce local institutions of higher learning with large endowments to divest their investment, pension and other portfolios of corporations doing business in or with Israel and to join the growing nationwide and worldwide academic and cultural boycott of Israel in order to compel the latter to end its apartheid practices directed against its minorities and other subjects under its occupation and control; and to conform its political, social and legal institutions to comport with their claim of being “democratic”.

North Texas BDS has no other agenda and does not solicit or accept any kind of support from foreign governmental or nongovernmental entities and will disband when the government of Israel removes all religious and ethnic barriers to civil rights and restores equal social, economic, cultural, political and educational opportunities for its non-Jewish citizens and subjects.

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