Jordan Union To Fight For Boycott

Tuesday May 11, 2010 10:46 Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies Report

The Professional Associations Complex in Jordan is holding a campaign to ensure that the Jordanian markets do not carry any Israeli products. The campaign, For A Jordan Without Israeli Products, was launched as the Palestinians prepare to mark the 62nd anniversary of the Nakba.

The Complex stated that the campaign is also meant to counter what it called “the ongoing Zionist threats to Jordan”.

Head of the Professional Associations Complex, Dr. Ahmad Al Armouty, stated at a press conference that the campaign targets all Israeli products in Jordan and the distributors of these products.

It also aims at providing information about the Israeli trade, cultural and tourist centers and agencies in order to boycott them too.

Al Armouty, who also heads the Physicians Association in Jordan, stated that the Jordanian started boycotting Israeli products since the 1994 deal between Israel and Jordan was signed, and added that boycott campaigns should step-up their activities as Israeli is significantly escalating its attacks and violations in Jerusalem and its holy sites, and against the Palestinian people.

Badi Rafay”a, head of the Committee Against Normalization, stated that a list of Israeli Trademarks and those who import Israeli products would be distributed in every part of Jordan, and added that the Committee will organize an event Saturday in which it will burn Israeli products in front of the Central Market, south of the capital Amman.

Rafay”a told Al Jazeera that the campaign is preparing a list that includes the names of persons and companies that refuse to boycott Israel, and that those mentioned in the list will be boycotted.

It also intends to prepare an “honor list” that would include the names of Jordan individuals and companies that refuse to deal with Israel and its products.

Furthermore, campaign organizers intend to distribute a Fatwa signed by fifty Islamic scholars and Sheikhs in Jordan in which they state that dealing with Israel, buying or selling it products is a sin.

It also intends to build a website to provide further information about boycott, and intends to hold several seminars and talks on the issue.

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