Fatah official: boycott goods produced in State of Israel, too

Fatah Central Committeeman Mahmoud al Aylool suggested at a conference that the Palestinian Arabs boycott products from the State of Israel, not just from Judea-Samaria.

The Palestinian Authority has an agreement not to boycott Israel. The Committeeman is suggesting an informal boycott.

“However, Akiva Eldar, a columnist for the left-wing Haaretz newspaper, not only backed the PA boycott on Judea and Samaria but also called on the Israeli government to “follow in the PA’s footsteps and cut itself off from the settlers…. Instead of hiding behind the self-righteous claim that it is providing livelihoods for thousands of indigent laborers, let the government open the Israeli markets to more Arab goods and workers from the territories.”” (Arutz-7, 5/13/10).

When members of the ruling Central Committee and probably P.A. officials will endorse this expanded boycott, it would be difficult sophistry for them to disclaim official responsibility for that additional violation of the Oslo Accords at a time when the Obama Administration may be sensitive to distrust between the negotiating parties.

Haaretz again shows itself pro-Arab and anti-Israel. To feel sorry for an enemy that wants to destroy one”s country and exterminate one”s people is sick enough. To mock the fact that Jews residing in the Territories provide thousands of jobs for the Arabs belies the sympathy for the Arabs. If not sympathetic for the Arabs, then they hate their fellow Jews” sovereignty.

How Israel is closed to Arab goods is not stated. Some years back, there were scandals over food from the P.A. being too laden with pesticides or otherwise spoiled.

As for labor, Israel is awash in illegal aliens itself, and has no need for chancing the entry of terrorists from the P.A.. Let the P.A. eradicate terrorism, instead of fostering it, and then Mr. Eldar may raise the question.

In view of the P.A. seeking Israel”s destruction, with popular support, should Israel and Israelis in the Territories allow any enemy population to work or live in their areas?

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