Endorsements for UCSD Divestment

UCSD Student Organizations:

Amnesty International
Arab Student Union
Black Student Union
College Democrats
Food Co-Op
Haiti Emergence Action Team
Muslim Student Association
One Earth One Justice
Schools for Schools
Student Sustainability Collective
Students Take Action Now Darfur
Students for Barack Obama
Students for Civil Rights in Iran
Students for Justice in Palestine

UCSD Faculty and Staff:

Chang, Edmond (History)
Frank, Ross (Ethnic Studies)
Kheshti, Roshanak (Ethnic Studies)
Linton, April (Sociology)
Prestholdt, Jeremy (History)
Saier, Milton (Biology)
Evans, Ivan (Sociology)

Other Individuals:

Anna Baltzer (Jewish Human Rights Activist)
Fr. Bill O”Donnell (St. Joseph the Worker Church, Berkeley)
Hedy Epstein (Holocaust survivor)
Jody Williams (Nobel Peace Laureate, USA)
Mairead Maguire (Nobel Peace Laureate, Ireland)
Noam Chomsky (Professor, MIT)
Rigoberta Menchu Tum (Nobel Peace Laureate, Guatemala)
Roger Hill (Director Mental-Rev Productions)
Roger Waters (Pink Floyd member)
Shirin Ebadi (Nobel Peace Laureate, Iran)

Other Organizations:

Al Awda (USA)
American Muslims for Palestine (USA)
Arab Resource Organization Center
Arab Youth for Palestine (Valdivia, Chile)
Association for Muslim Professional Development
Associations in Friendship with the Palestinian People (Catalonia, Spain)
BOYCOTT Supporting the Palestinian BDS Call from Within (Israel)
Berkeley Women in Black
British Committee for the Universities of Palestine (UK)
Cambridge Palestine Solidarity Campaign (UK)
Camden Palestine Solidarity Campaign (UK)
Campus Radical Women
Coalition of Women for Peace (Israel)
Code Pink
European Jews for a Just Peace (Europe)
Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace
Flashpoint radio program on KPFA 94.1FM
Friends of SABEEL North America Church
Goldsmiths Student Union (London)
Gush Shalom Israeli Peace Bloc (Israel)
Hithabrut – Tarabut Arab–Jewish Movement for Social & Political Change (Israel)
If Americans Knew
Independent Jewish Voices (Canada)
International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network
International Solidarity Movement
Jewish Voices for Peace
Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods
Leeds Palestine Solidarity Campaign (UK)
Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute
Middle East Children”s Alliance
Middle East Peace & Justice Alliance (NM)
National Action Palestine (UK)
New Profile – Movement for the Civilization of Israeli Society (Israel)
Nicaragua Center for Community Action (Nicaragua)
PC(USA)”s Israel/Palestine Mission Network (USA)
Progressive Democrats of East Bay (California)
Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (Scotland)
South Somerset Palestine Support Group (UK)
Students for Socially Responsible Investing (University of Michigan Dearborn)
The BDS New Mexico Campaign (New Mexico)
The Coalition to Stop $30 Billion to Israel (New Mexico)
The Council for the National Interest
The Federation of Argentinian-Palestinian Entities (Argentina)
The General Union of Palestinian Students (Chile)
The General Union of Palestinian Students (Colombia)
The Israeli Committee Against House Demolition (Israel)
The Palestinian Federation (Chile)
The Tree of Life Foundation, Holy Land Educational and Peace Building Project
Union of Progressive Women (Israel)
WE Refuse to be Enemies: Jews, Muslims and Christians in Coalition for Peace
Yesh Gvul There is a Limit! (Israel)

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