AUB Students Protest Zionist Companies at Career Fair on Campus

Here are the flyers they handed out:

Here is one student’s account of the campus response to their protest:

I am writing this email in protest of your actions today at the AUB career fair. Several friends and I decided to hand out flyers protesting three companies; Nestle, Veolia and L’Oreal. Many of the students attending the career fair today thanked us for handing out such information because they didn’t know, for example, that L’Oreal invests in Israel. Choosing a career is a multi-faceted process which must include ethical and political concerns as well as practical ones.

I would also like to note that your conduct today, which included screaming and grabbing the flyers away from us, was unwarranted as well as unprofessional. As graduate students of this university as well as attendees of the career fair, my friends and I do not deserve this type of treatment. We have filed a complaint with the Provost, Dr. Ahmad Dallal as well as the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Kisrwani.

In the future, I hope you will consider the ethical and moral feelings of the student body as well as the local context of Lebanon before inviting companies which invest heavily in Israel to an AUB career fair.

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