How many Israel Bonds does your union own?

If you’re in a union affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers it’s at least $300,000. The national union holds that amount. Amounts held by state and local affiliates are unknown. What about AAUP, NEA and other unions and union-like bodies? What about the AFL-CIO in your state?

If you’re a member of one of those institutions could you find out? Just write to the Treasurer or Secretary-Treasurer of the group and ask. I think they’re obligated to answer. And start bringing it up at union meetings.

I tried this resolution at our union meeting:

Union Funds Should Support U.S. Workers

The CT AFL-CIO owns $60,000 worth of bonds in the State of Israel. The AFT has $300,000 of the bonds. The CT AFL-CIO owns no other bonds of a foreign country.

This is money that could be invested to help Americans.

Last fall the New Haven Central Labor Council voted unanimously to call on the CT AFL-CIO to sell off its Israel bonds and use the money to benefit U.S. workers

Resolved, AFT-CT calls on the CT AFL-CIO and the national AFT to sell off the bonds invested in the state of Israel and to use the funds in safe investments that will benefit U.S. workers.

After a little debate the matter was tabled pending “clarification” of certain questons. Interestingly the opponents of the measure didn’t defend Israel but raised questions where the money came from and what alternatives there might be for the money.

Please let me know about your union for posting at and we at “The Struggle” just posted this billboard (see above) in New Haven.

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