H&M make your choice Brixton or Jerusalem Not both

H&M, the Swedish fashion chain, are opening a new store in Brixton in the old Woolworth”s store at midday on 29 April.

That would be fine except: H&M are in the middle of a large expansion programme in Israel, including a new store in Jerusalem. By opening that store H&M are supporting the Judisation of Jerusalem and supporting the expulsion of the Palestinians who have lived in the city for generations. Judisation is not a peaceful process; it is conducted by demolishing Palestinian homes and beating and imprisoning anyone who protests.

The Israeli Government has ignored international calls to halt the building of settlements in Jerusalem. There has been a European wide call to protest against H&M”s active support of Israeli apartheid.

Join our protest outside H&M”s new shop, Brixton Road

11.30 April 29

J-BIG Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods

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