Have You Heard from Johannesburg?: Learn from the Anti-Apartheid BDS Struggle in South Africa

Have You Heard From Johannesburg is a powerful seven-part documentary series by two-time Academy Award nominee Connie Field that shines light on the global citizens movements that took on South Africas apartheid regime. It reveals how everyday people helped challenge and end one of the greatest injustices the world has ever known.

Have You Heard begins with the story of freedom fighters in South Africa who are systemically killed, jailed or exiled for resisting their political oppression. Embattled South Africans call on the global community to take action, laying the groundwork for a decades-long international campaign. People around the world take up the anti-apartheid cause, challenging their governments, powerful corporations and other institutions to face up to the immorality of their collaboration with apartheid. Have You Heard follows three generations of the struggle inside South Africa and battles waged in sports arenas and cathedrals, in embassies and corporate boardrooms, at rock concerts and in gas stations around the globe. Pulling together the many threads of international anti-apartheid action for the first time in any medium, Have You Heard from Johannesburg is an inspiring example for citizens and movements around the world.

For more information about the series, visit http://www.clarityfilms.org.

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