Boycott Action: Max Brenner Chocolates

Posted by Tamil Justice

Brenner boycott @ Newtown 8th April

The global Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions (BDS) is getting stronger by the day. All over Africa, the Americas and parts of Europe and Asia, more and more people are initiating and creating campaigns that aim to put pressure on companies, organisations, institutions and artists that deal with or support Israel. These campaigns are gaining a lot of support and most importantly are having a strong impact. The BDS movement is a momentous and global force that is unstoppable.

In Sydney a group of people (from all walks and affiliations) are taking part in this global boycott movement.
Tomorrow (Thursday 8th) people will be meeting outside of Max Brenner in Newtown at 5pm to call on Newtowners to boycott Israel and boycott Max Brenner. The BDSers will be selling non-apartheid chocolate and handing out information to people passing by.

Try to come and let others know.

Details here: Boycott_Brenner

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